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How To Be Organized

Imagine! What it would be like to be organized.

Can you imagine it? 

Stop imagining it and let me help you to organize every aspect of your life.

So, where should you start?

Well, they say that it is “all in your head” and “they” are right.

The first step is to adopt a positive mental attitude because, you do not attract into your life what you want, you attract into your life what you are!

You are what you believe and think about.

In order to be organized, the mind is where you start.

Do you have dreams?

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Setting Smart Goals

The section on Personal Goals is your starting point.

A goal is a dream with a specific plan. 

In this section you will learn how to turn your dreams into their physical equivalent. You will learn how to set goals, how the mind works and how to program your mind.

In order to facilitate your navigation through all the subsections, I have put together a flow chart which will guide you through each step that you need to follow to complete the process. The flow chart is interactive. Click on the flowchart block and the corresponding page will open up in your browser. Request your free goal setting steps flowchart via the link at the bottom of this page.

From a Visitor...

"Hi Tony, I love your website, its full of positive and valuable information. To get organized is a dream come true for me right now :) I have just enquired about doing a new course and financially its costly far too much for me. How do I over come such obstacles? I also need to revamp my whole life and starting living the life I envisage. Thanks again for sharing your web pages with me - lt came to me at the right time. Gee's this whole law of attraction really works!! Best Wishes, Linda"

Posted by Linda O’Connor, Dublin - Ireland”

How to Overcome Fear

We are living in a world which is dominated by communications of every kind. Through the continuously evolving technology of our smart phones, tablets and televisions, we are able to instantly communicate with anyone in the world through social networking sites, text messages and e-mails.

This is a great thing even though, it means becoming more and more isolated from real human contact. Abstaining from physical contact and opting for virtual relationships instead, is our choice.

What is not always our choice, is the continuous bombardment of news and advertising media invading our personal space. The problem is that, for ninety five percent of the time, we are only receiving bad news which, because of our body’s basic architecture, translate into keeping us in a state of fear.

This section will teach you how to eliminate probabilistic fears.

The next logical step is to help the rest of your body be organized.

Health Related Fitness

In this section, I am going to list the elements that, in my opinion, make up health related fitness and which have worked for me over many years.

You might be confused if you have been reading health related articles. What was viewed as being bad for your health six months ago is being hailed in current health articles as the best thing that you can do to ensure your wellbeing. The funny thing is that they all claim to know the truth about what is and what isn’t good for your health.

But clearly no one really knows.

What we do know is that, you will enjoy perfect health when the old cells in your body are replaced by new healthy cells. It takes about 14 months for all the vital organs to be replaced and every 7 years you have a brand new rejuvenated body.

That, is the definition of abundant health.

Mind Body Connection

This is where you will be introduced to one of the smartest things in the universe, your body. You will learn how to harness your, self healing energy.

Underneath your dashing good looks is a network of electrical passages linking all fifty to seventy five trillion cells to the master control centre of the body, your brain.

Your brain is built of billions of cells called neurons and neuroglia. Each of these cells sends electrical energy to all the other cells of your body. A typical neuron creates about ten thousand connections to neighbouring neurons. Given that there are billions of neurons, it follows that there are as many connections in a cubic centimetre of brain tissue as there are stars in the milky way galaxy. This brain of ours vastly outperforms anything that we have ever dreamt of building.

So when you are feeling blue, remind yourself that you are the smartest thing in our known universe.

This mind body connection is achieved by a web of nerve fibres, one hundred times smaller than a strand of your hair, connecting the brain to every part of the body.

Now you are ready to learn how to be organized with your hardware, whether you are using it for home or business.

Your Computer

Do you struggle to find stored documents?

I will show you tools that you can use for organizing computer files into ordered folders.

You will learn how to organize outlook or your best email client so that no email will ever be mislaid.

We will create an e book library where you will store all your eBooks. While on the subject of eBooks, don’t forget to visit my eBook shop.

Music files?

Yes, you will see how to organize music files into categories that make sense to you.

Can't find those photos which you took on holiday? I will show you how to organize photos and even give you some digital photo tips. I use a free photo editor which performs all the functions which I need. 

You will find out how best to execute a computer file backup and computer file recovery should something go wrong.

Whether you use your computer for your business or your private use or both these tips are going to help you be organized.

Next we will be organizing your home.

Your Swimming pool

It is important that in order to be organized you live in an organized home.

I will have home organization tips to help you sort out every part of your house and I have started by giving you some swimming pool ideas. The swimming pool product mentioned in this section is only available through this web site.

I know that it is difficult to know where to start, when you life is surrounded by clutter both physical and mental.

But you can do it!

I have helped many family members and friends and I can also help you to be organized.

I am currently putting together several new pages loaded with free hints and tips on how to sort out your office or study and how to be organized when it comes to your travel, whether for business or pleasure.

I am certain that they will help all aspects of your life. It has certainly helped mine!

Thank you for your visit,

António Bastos

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