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Whether you use AVG virus scanner or any other free removal virus software, make sure that your computer has the best virus protection. It is essential that your computer has the best virus protection at all times.

A computer virus is a computer program that duplicates itself, infiltrates your computer and spreads to other computers. That is its function: to duplicate itself (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 ...), to infiltrate to all parts of your computer and to spread from one computer to another via a network, attached to an e mail, over the internet or via a removable portable device.

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Apparently the first virus to appear “publically”, that is, outside of the lab where it was crated; was named “Elk Cloner”. It was created by a high school student as a practical joke. He attached it to a game on a floppy disk. It was programmed to attack Apple’s Disk Operating System (DOS) version 3.3. This was back in 1981.

At the time of writing this page, October 2011, my computer virus remover is actively checking over 4,600,000 definitions.

There are various reasons why people write viruses. Some write viruses to show the technology’s weaknesses and maybe do not fully grasp the range of problems that they create. According to a description given by Symantec, a typical virus-writer is a young man of age from 13 to 26 years.

Then there are professional programmers whose aim is to get hold of your private information such as credit card details, bank details and your passwords.

Whatever the reason, computer viruses are a reality and you need the best virus protection for your computer without going overboard with computer virus removal programs.

There are a lot of free virus removal software packages out there. There are also a lot of costly anti-virus software programs usually attracting a yearly fee to keep you updated.

I have tried several free virus removal software packages and have settled for the AVG virus scanner. I find that it gives me the protection that I need, does not slow my computer down, is kept up to date with all the latest definitions and is very easy to customize. I am not a huge company and I do not have any super secret files on my computer so the AVG free version is sufficient.

Whether you choose a free virus scan and removal software package or a computer virus removal that you need to make a monthly payment, make certain that it is configured to give your computer adequate protection.

I have configured my AVG Virus Scanner as follows:


It is set to perform a scan of all local and connected drives at 16h00 on a daily basis.


It is set to check for updates and automatically download any new definitions each day at 19h00.


The e mail scanner component is set to scan all incoming e mail messages.


I have also set up the search-shield and surf-shield components. These protect me while browsing the web.

Below is the overview interface window of the current release.

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Other precautions that you need to take to secure your computer are:


Don’t open e-mail attachments unless it has been sent from someone you know and it is in a portable document format (PDF). Even then if I am not certain, I will phone that person and ask whether he/she sent me the attachment.


Never give out any personal or banking details to anyone over e mail.


Disable the “Save Passwords” option of your internet web browser.


Enable the port locker on your computer.

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There is no need to get paranoid about computer viruses.

A good computer virus remover and some common sense precautions will ensure that your computer is adequately protected.

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