Basic Computer Training

This is my basic computer training section. Learning computer basics often comes via trial and error as you try new things on your computer.

Use this section as a computer basics tutorial by following the same order that I have laid below.

I have a page which explains all basic computer terms that I have used on this site which is accessible from any page in this section, see below.

Basic Computer Training,How to Be Organized,Tony Bastos

In this section we will address the following topics of basic computer training;

How to Create and Organize Windows Folders

This is where you learn about folder trees, branches and sub-branches.

You will learn how to create a set of folders on your computer which you will use for all subsequent sections in Basic Computer Training. Click on the link to start see How to Create and Organize Windows Folders.

Computer File Management – Folders
(Part 1)

Here you will find out how to expand, collapse and delete folders and files and how to recover accidently deleted folders and files. Go to Computer File Management – Folders (Part 1) to start.

Computer File Systems, Files and Folders
(Part 2)

We continue managing folders and files in this section. We go through renaming folders and files, moving and copying folders, changing folder icons to give them that personal touch and how to move files. Click on Computer File Systems, Files and Folders (Part 2) to open the page.

Basic Computer Terms

This page contains all the basic computer terms which I have used on this site.

Basic Computer Terms,How to be Organized,Tony Bastos

It is meant to be used as a reference page and can be accessed from any page on this site whenever you see the icon on the right.

The icon has been included in all pages dealing with computer organization and when you click on the icon, it will open up the Basic Computer Terms page as a separate tab on your browser.

Try it!

How to Backup Computer Files

It is very important for you to regularly backup your data. This section shows you what you need and how to do it. Go to How to Backup Computer Files.

AVG Virus Scanner

Anti Virus software is the first software package that you should install on your computer. Whether you choose AVG or any other computer virus remover make sure that your computer is adequately protected at all times. Look at AVG Virus Scanner for tips on how to protect your data.

Personalize Your Best eMail Client

If you have a computer you more than likely use email as your primary communication tool. This section shows you the basic settings, how to save your emails and attachments, how to correctly name your email files and attachments when you save them into different folders and how to backup the files currently in your inbox and sent folders. Click on the right to see how to Personalize Your Best eMail Client.

How to Organize Contacts

If you use email, you have stored contacts details into an address book. In this segment I will show you how to create and set up your address books. Learn How to Organize Contacts by clicking on the link.

How to Organize Favorites

If you surf the web and you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer you have web site links that you will save. Learn how to organize your bookmark bar and your favorites folder by clicking on How to Organize Favorites.

Organized Bookmarks Manager

This section is for those of you that use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to surf the web. What Internet Explorer refers to as favorites other web browsers refer to as bookmarks. In this section I show you how to sort out your bookmarks in Google Chrome. Go to Organized Bookmarks Manager.

This section on basic computer training will have given you a good basis to handle your computer more efficiently. With computers you learn by experience and trial and error. There are many ways to perform tasks on a computer.

You will eventually find the method that works best for you.

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