What is
Chiropractor Treatment?

This section will explain chiropractor treatment and answer the question - what do chiropractors do? The quick answer is that chiropractors help release the flow of your, self healing energy by insuring that your mind body connection is open.

In my section, “Mind Body Connection”, I explained that, in order for each cell in your body to do its job, it needs to get a strong energy supply. This energy supply is maintained as long as the nervous fibres exiting through the cavities below each of your 24 upper vertebrae are not squeezed, which would be the case if one or more of your vertebrae have been pulled out of alignment.

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When a vertebra gets misaligned, what chiropractors refer to as a subluxation, it pinches on the nerve exiting the spinal cord either just above or below it. This subluxation causes the energy flow in the pinched nerve fibre, to be cut back.

Let us use the same analogy as Dr Reggie Gold used when he explained chiropractor treatment to me some 35 years ago.

Imagine that each organ in your body is a light bulb. Each light bulb is connected, via a dimmer to the electrical supply. The dimmer represents the hole in the spine through which the nerve fibres exit from the spinal cord. The electrical supply is your brain and the electrical wire connecting the plug to the bulb is your nervous fibre.

The subluxation of the vertebra causes the flow of energy to be reduced, just like using the dimmer to lower the brightness of the bulb. The energy is not completely shut off because, nature in her wisdom has provided each organ with multiple nerve supplies.

The result is that the organ at the end of that nerve fibre is going to get a reduced energy supply from the brain and spinal cord. The self healing energy to that organ is compromised and the organ will not work properly, nor will it be able to fight off whatever organism may attack it. 

We have learned that the cells in your body are continuously dying and being replaced by new cells. When your body is working right, meaning that every organ is getting a full flow of energy from the brain and spinal cord, old cells die and are replaced by new healthy cells. This constant renewal of your body’s cells is defined as perfect health.

But, when the self healing energy to an organ is jeopardised, the sick cells in that organ will be replaced by more sick cells, the sickness does not pass from the picture and you feel pain.

Now, the smart thing is to listen to your body. 

The pain that you feel is your body’s warning system telling you that there is something wrong. The last thing that you should do is to look for the nearest pill to suppress the pain.

In my section on “Health Related Fitness” I compared our body’s warning signals to those in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 jet liner in full flight. Taking a pill to suppress a symptom is like the pilot switching off the buzzer and ignoring the light in the cockpit warning him of a malfunction with the aeroplane. If that malfunction is a critical one, switching off the warning buzzer (taking a pill to take away the pain) could have dire consequences.

So, what do chiropractors do in order to re-establish the mind body connection and release your body’s own self healing energy?

When you go for a chiropractor treatment, the therapist will examine your spine using his hands, instruments and X-Rays.

The chiropractor will discover the subluxate vertebrae and will start the process of easing the vertebrae back into their rightful place. This may take several treatments if the injury to the spine is old.

Once the vertebrae are back in their place and the self healing energy is restored, the sick cells will be replaced with new health cells, the disease passes from the picture and your health is restored.

I have been going to a chiropractor for what I call “preventative maintenance” on my body since I was 22 years old. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer sitting with poor posture and my hobbies often cause my vertebrae to go out of alignment. I like to restore old houses and I like to travel.

So, every 6 weeks I get a chiropractor treatment, and get all of them bones back in place. And each time, my chiropractor reminds me to look after my spine.

And for a few days, I do remember. I pay attention to my posture when sitting in front of my computer and avoid twisting my back in order to get that last electrical cable into the conduit right at the end of the ceiling space.

But eventually I go back to doing all the wrong things again and invariably I misalign some of my vertebra. Because of my lifestyle, it is usually my cervical and lumbar vertebrae that take the brunt of my negligence.

It would be great if I had a light somewhere on my body that would light up when any of my vertebrae went out of alignment. Until then I will continue with my regular chiropractor treatments. 

This subsection is part of my section on the Mind Body Connection. In the next subsection, Star will explain Shiatsu Massage Technique.

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