Private Communications and Correspondence

Ah-h-h-h. Discover the joy of finding all your communications and correspondence when you need it! You will be organizing computer files into a document storage box.

Each folder which you will create below is a document storage box where you will be storing all your e-correspondence.

Are you ready?

Start by creating the main folder and call it “Private COMMUNICATIONS” as a branch of “YOU” just as you did when you went through my sections on How to Organize Music Files and How to Organize Photos.

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Below is a graphic representation of the folders that you will be creating in this section.

organizing computer files

As a branch of “Private COMMUNICATIONS”, create folders called:


To and From Family

This is where you will store all correspondence between you and all the members of your family.

As an example I have saved two e mails between my daughter Nicky and I.

You will notice that in organizing computer files, I have named my e mails as follows: “20110912 T Nicky See you next month”.

“20110912” indicates that this e mail was sent (“T” = to) to Nicky on the 12th of September 2011 and we discussed our meeting the following month (“See you next month”).

The way that you name computer file extensions is very important.

It keeps your files in date order, indicates whether you sent the file or received it, and indicates the content matter.

This makes it very easy to find specific correspondence when you need it.

Please refer to my section “Naming your email files” in Personalize Your Best eMail Client if you are not familiar with naming files.


To and From Friends

This is for all e correspondence between you and your friends.

This is where you would save that e mail from Janet with that banana pudding recipe attached. However you would save the attachment in a separate folder which you will create as part of the section named Organize Home Files.


To and From Suppliers

Here you will create several sub-folders. You will create one folder for each of your suppliers. Suppliers are people and companies from whom you buy goods and services. These are your cellular phone service providers, your cleaning service, your on-line supermarket and so on.

As an example I have created two sub-folders named Supermarket and Mobile 1. Naturally in the folders that you create, you will indicate the names of the suppliers.

This is where you could save your business communications articles in a folder that you would create for your financial advisor for example.


Weird or Funny

I have a separate folder where I store all e files which are weird or funny.

If the document arrives in hard copy format such as facsimiles or letters, scan them into PDF (Portable Document Format) documents, name them and save into the relevant folder.

Once you have scanned the document send the paper for recycling. In this way you will not only save on paper home filing systems but you will have all correspondence in one place and always with you.

And you will also be saving a lot of trees in the process which is always a good thing.

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