Private Document Storage Box

This is where you produce your document storage box. You will be organizing computer files into folders. These folders will be your computer file storage and where you will also be sorting your document scanning and storage from all your paper documents.

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Start by creating a folder called “Private DOCUMENTS” as a branch of “YOU”, your main computer tree trunk.Look at the graphic below to see what your private document storage box folders will look like when you are finished this section.

Document Storage Box - Tony Bastos


Start by creating a folder called “e Mail Temp” as a sub-folder of “Private DOCUMENTS”.Before performing your regular computer file backup you will drag and drop e mail files from your e Mail client into this folder. This way you will also backup your e mail files.

You will be using this folder in the section “Personalize Your Best eMail Client”.


The next folder in your document storage box is the computer file storage for all e Documents concerning your kids. So go ahead and create a sub-folder as a branch of “Private DOCUMENTS” and call it; you got it! - “Kids”.

If you do not have kids, move to the next one.

If you do have kids, this is where you will store your school reports, birth certificates, vaccination certificates ... you get the idea. If you receive any of those in paper hard copies use your multi-function printer with document scanning and storage software to digitize the files into PDF (portable document format) computer file format, then drag and drop them here.

If you have more than one child, you may want to create folders for each of your children as sub-branches of “Kids”.


The next folder that you will create as a sub-branch of “Private DOCUMENTS” is called “Leisure”. I store my gym routines, articles on my favourite bike trails, mountain hiking guides, football schedules, TV programme guides and the like, in this folder.


The next folders that you will create in your document storage box are where you will store all your motorcar’s documentation. Create a sub-folder called “Motorcars” as a branch of “Private DOCUMENTS”. I called it motorcars because in my example, I have assumed that you have two cars.You will then create two additional folders as sub-branches of “Motorcars”. Name them with the make and model for each of your cars. I have called them, “Motorcar A” and “Motorcar B” respectively.


Next we need a folder where you will store your personal documents such as diplomas, identification book copies, passport copies, marriage certificates and life assurance policies.

So, create a sub-folder called “Personal” as a sub-folder of “Private DOCUMENTS”.

Next create sub-folders as sub-branches of “Personal” and name them: “Diplomas”, “Identification and Travel”, “Legal” and “Life Assurance” as I have done in my example.


The next folder in your document storage box is dedicated to your pets. Save all vaccination certificates, licenses and other documentation relating to your pets here.Again this is a sub-folder of “Private DOCUMENTS” and is called; yes – “Pets”.


At some stage, you will be downloading some free photo editing software, home personal finance software or free email client software. When you download software the default destination is normally your “downloads” windows folder.

Once you have installed the software on your computer it is best to keep the original downloaded file. This is what you will be creating next, a folder in your document storage box into where you will drag and drop these files. It is a sub-branch of “Private DOCUMENTS” and we will call the folder - “Software”.


The last folder in my example is for storing all your spreadsheets. I have spreadsheets where I detail my music CD collection and movie DVD databases.

Go ahead and create a file called “Spreadsheets” as a sub-branch of “Private DOCUMENTS”.

And here is a ♥ Great Tip ♥.

Can you remember all these usernames and passwords that you have allocated to all those websites? This is what I have done. I have created a password protected spreadsheet where I have saved all my different usernames and corresponding passwords. Do not name this file “passwords” or by any other name that might describe its contents.

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