Dream Guide

In this section you will create your dream guide. Hold the dream, put together a plan and act on your dream with smart goals. Before long you will be living your dreams.

The dream guide is where you will be stating each of your dreams as though they have already come to pass. As you have learnt, when you combine your thoughts with belief and feeling, you are sending out to the universe the blue print for what you are intending to manifest into your life. And the universe will respond with the final product.

Remember what Thomas Troward said: "contemplate yourself as being surrounded by the conditions that you wish to produce.”

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Type your affirmations into a Microsoft Word document as you will be adding more goal affirmations to the list and will be removing assertions as you reach each goal.

Save the word document into the folder called “Affirmation Lists” which you created in my section “the life plan”. Name your file “My Dream Guide”.

We will go through each of the examples listed in the goal setting form.


Dream 1

We are going to start the dream guide with my second example because you have already made this assertion in the segment on deliberate attraction.

The Dream: I want a new car

Why Not?: I can’t afford it.

The Goal: You will need to get data in order to put together the practical step by step plan on how to achieve the end result. This is dealt with in detail in my segment on how to set goals.

The Affirmation: “I am the owner of a light grey BMW 535i with black leather seats, DVD/Blu-ray sound system with integrated GPS, electrically adjustable seats with dual memory recall, dynamic cruise control, automatic climate control and moon roof”.

When you visualize this assertion you will experience it with your five senses. Contemplate already having this car. You know every beautiful line, you are aware of the leather smell, you can feel how the steering wheel fits in your hands, you can hear the roar of the engine as you accelerate and even taste the mint that you took from the counter just before the test drive.

The subconscious programming which you learnt about in "money affirmations" earlier will work to eliminate all the excuses that you have listed in the column entitled “why not?”.

In the last segment, setting life goals, you will see how it all comes together.

Dream 2

The Dream: I want to become a doctor of medicine.

Why Not?: It’s going to be too difficult.

The Goal: As with the above example, you will need to get data on the steps required to qualify as a doctor. This is dealt with in detail in the section on how to set goals.

For this dream guide assertion, you need to think, feel and believe that you have already qualified.

In my example you chose to be a radiologist and for the type of radiology that you wish to practise (Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography), you know that the King Anthony Academic Hospital is the best.

So, just like you did for the car, you will need to go to the radiology department at King Anthony Academic Hospital and spend a few hours there. While you there, take it all in using your five senses. Look around in the department. Go look at the MRI systems, the CT systems, look in the doctor’s rooms and the reporting rooms. Pay attention to all the different smells. Grab a soda can from the vending machine. Choose an unusual flavour that you will be able to relate to this specific day. Pay attention to the different noises. The very specific noise of the MRI gradient coils when an image is being acquired. Touch the walls, surfaces and chairs.

Just like you did with the car, you need to re-live this experience each time that you look at the assertion for this dream which is:

The AffirmationI am a medical specialist in radiology working at King Anthony Academic Hospital’s MRI and CT research center.

When you read this assertion you will think and believe that you are already a specialist in radiology. You will feel with all your senses and you will be back in the MRI and CT research center at King Anthony Academic Hospital attending to your patients.

The subconscious programming which you learnt about in the segment "motivational affirmations" will work to eliminate all the excuses that you have listed in the second column: “why not?”.

In the last segment, setting life goals, you will see how it all comes together.

Dream 3

The Dream: I would love to be more self confident.

Why Not?: Everyone puts down my ideas and I start to doubt my choices.

The Goal: Simple. You choose to be more self confident. The steps that you will take will be revealed in how to set goals.

The AffirmationI am supremely self-confident and completely sure of myself in any company and in any situation.

The above assertion combined with the subconscious programming which you learnt about in "self-confidence affirmations" earlier, will change you into the self confident person that you have chosen to be. You will be totally sure of yourself, you will know exactly how to reach your goals and you will move forward on your ideas without fear no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

Dream 4

The Dream: I would like to lose weight.

Why Not?: I have tried all diets but nothing works.

The Goal: You need to decide how much you wish to weigh. In my example I choose to weigh 78 kilograms. In the segment on "how to set goals" I will show you the necessary steps that you need to follow in order to reach this goal. So the assertion in your dream guide will be;

The Affirmation: I am slim, fit, in perfect health and weigh 78 Kilograms.

As with my above example, when you combine the belief as you have asserted with the subconscious programming that you learnt in "weight loss affirmations", you will be releasing those electro-magnetic waves to the universe as blue prints to present you with ways for you to reach your goal – lose weight.

You will believe and see yourself as a thin person, you will reduce your food intake naturally and you will find that you start exercising regularly.

There is a great book that was my inspiration to understanding the concept of thinking, feeling and believing from the outcome. That book is “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by Gregg Braden.

This dream guide segment that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”. To go to the beginning of the section click on “Personal Goals” in the navigation bar.

I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

To obtain this free flowchart click here.

Go ahead and complete your dream guide as I have shown you in the above examples. You need to state your assertions from the outcome. You need to believe and feel that the goal has already come to pass.

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