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1. How to Materialize Your Dreams (eBook)

“If you could create your ideal life what would it be?”

How to Materialize Your Dreams by Antonio Bastos

Are you happy with what you are currently attracting into your life?


Well then you have come to the right place.

This book will give you the tools to create your destiny.

It is, in fact, a step by step guide to materializing your dreams.

Click Here for more information and to order this book.

2. Setting Smart Goals Flowchart

Setting Smart Goals Flowchart by António C Bastos

This logical and easy to follow flowchart will take you through the sequence of the web pages for Setting Smart Goals.

Travel along the web pages in the sequence indicated by each segment of the flowchart for effective goal setting.

The flowchart will simplify the navigation and ensure that you follow the goal setting steps in correct sequence.

Click Here to receive your free goal setting steps flowchart.

3. Action Plan Template

Goal Setting Spreadsheet by António C. Bastos

I have prepared an action plan template where you can enter your goals for five years.

Use it for mapping out your detailed goal setting steps.

Learn how to use the action plan in my section "How to Set Goals". 

Please note that you need Microsoft Excel or other compatible software in order to open and use your Action Plan Template.

If you would like to get a copy of this goal setting spreadsheet, Click Here.

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