Create Folders for 
Business Presentations

Effective Business Presentations are fundamental to promoting your products. In this section you will learn how to create folders for storing the free PowerPoint presentations which you will be making available to your clients.

Organizing computer files into such folders will ensure that you find the right presentation for that special promotional demo.

Start with the folder “Office PRESENTATIONS” which you will create as a branch of your main folder trunk “YOU”.

Naturally my folder examples may or may not apply to your type of business. Nevertheless it will give you the basic idea.

So, let’s start!


The first folder that I will create is a sub-branch of “Office PRESENTATIONS” and I have called it “Congress Related”. If you are invited to present at congresses, this is where you would file presentations for specific congresses.

As before here is a ♥ Tip ♥ regarding the naming of files. I name each of my presentations with the date on which the presentation is given followed by a description of the contents.

As an example take “20110213 - Medical Congress 2011”.

20110213 = the date when the presentation was given

Medical Congress 2011 = A brief description of the contents


Next create a folder named “In House” as a sub-branch of “Office PRESENTATIONS”.

You may have goal setting presentations, a business plan presentation or staff motivation presentations for internal use only. This is where you save them. You may want to subdivide the folder to identify each type as I have done in my example below.

If so, go ahead and create the following folders, all as sub-branches of “In House”.


The first named “Business Plan” is as the name suggests where you would save your business plan presentation.


The second is named “Goal Setting”. Yes, this would be for your goal setting presentations.


And the third of my examples is called “Motivational”. You could have additional internal presentations on time management lessons or cold calling tips for your sales staff.

If so go ahead and create additional folders for these.

Do you regularly present your portfolio of new products to prospective clients?

Then you will need this next folder.


Create a folder called “New Products” as a sub-branch of “Office PRESENTATIONS”. This is the place to store those effective business presentations that will motivate your clients to place those orders with your company.


Finally, I have created a folder where I store my “Presentation Templates”. This folder is a sub-branch of “Office PRESENTATIONS”.

I store various templates each designed with the look and feel for the specific message that I want to convey. Then I simply insert the appropriate content to deliver really effective business presentations.

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