Essential Oil Chart

I have put together an essential oil chart constituting my favourite essential oils. The stimulation of your mind body connection is one of the many uses for essential oils. I diffuse essential oils while meditating. These days you can order essential oils online or you can buy them at most pharmacies.

As you can see from the chart below, I have listed the benefits that essential oils bring to our mental well-being. Later in this section I also share the use of essential oils as natural remedies.

Their generic name is derived from the word “essence” which is defined as any substance having a high degree of the properties of the plant or other natural product from which it is extracted. In philosophy, the word “essence” is defined as the true nature of anything.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and must never be taken internally and should be mixed into a cream when applied to the skin. As with any other oils, essential oils are flammable and should never be placed next to an open flame.

I use a ceramic oil burner into which I have deposited some salt crystals to form the base onto which the oils are dropped, as you can see in the picture below. I normally combine two oils and use about five drops of each.

The essential oils chart on this page contains my favourite essential oils. Use them to stimulate your mind body connection -

Please read our disclaimer prior to using any essential oils.

Below are some of the uses for essential oils.

Energising the Mind-Body Connection

I diffuse essential oils, in the morning, while doing my 5 Tibetan Rites and my follow up meditation.

The oils which I choose depend on my state of mind when I wake up.

If, when I get up, I feel like I need a boost of enthusiasm and positivity, I place a few drops of basil and melissa onto my essential oil burner.

If I get up feeling de-motivated and lacking confidence, I use a mixture of basil and eucalyptus.

Below is an essential oil chart of the oils that I use. 

The essential oils chart on this page contains my favourite essential oils. Use them to stimulate your mind body connection -

There are many more essential oils which offer the same mental attributes as the ones that I have selected. Choose the ones that are available to you.

Natural Remedies for Skin Ailments and Cuts

I find that lavender is like a magic potion when it comes to skin ailments.

I use pure undiluted lavender on insect bites. I place a few drops onto the tip of my finger and rub it onto the insect bite.

For cuts, I mix a few drops of lavender and geranium into a neutral cream base and apply it to cuts. For bad cuts apply the lotion three times a day.

Keeping Insects at Bay

Are mosquitoes bothering you? Place a few drops of citronella and rosemary onto your essential oil burner and pretty soon the mosquitoes are gone.

This works for most insects.

To Help Relieve Stress

Had a stressful day? When you get home, run a hot bath and blend a few drops of eucalyptus and rosemary into the water.

If you are feeling burned out, then basil is the oil to use. A few drops in the bath will leave you feeling regenerated.

Margo has a great site where she shares DIY methods to relieving stress. Visit her page on Natural Relaxation with ESSENTIAL OILS.

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Essential oils can also be used to provide your home with a great aroma. Choose the one that best resonates with you from the essential oil chart.

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