Goal Board

In this section, I will show you how to put together a goal board or dream board. It is very important that you have a visual goal setting representation which will quickly ignite the feelings and thoughts associated with each dream in your goal setting chart or action plan template.

When you went through the segment on deliberate attraction, you learnt the importance of thinking and feeling as though your goal has already come to pass. You must believe from the outcome.

The easiest way is to use all your five senses as I indicated in my example.

A goal board enables you to use your sense of sight.

Look at the e-goal board below, which I created based on the examples from my dream guide.

You will recognize images and statements that will immediately ignite your feelings and thoughts for each of the four goals.

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Wall Mounted Board

Get yourself a pin board large enough to accommodate all the pictures and statements relating to each of your goals. The photographs that you pin onto your board must accurately reflect the outcome of your chosen goal. Those are the images of what you have already achieved and acquired. Remember that we visualize from the outcome.

Hang it onto a wall in the room where you will be sitting each morning when you go through your list of affirmations and dream guide.

Another way to create a goal board is to make an image file containing all the images and statements and select it as the wallpaper for your computer monitor.

This is how you do it.

eGoal Board

Select all the images that you want to use in your e-goal board and save them in the folder named “Goal Board” which you created in Private Life Plan.

If you have and are familiar with graphics software packages create it and save it as a .jpeg file in the folder "Goal Board".

If you do not have a dedicated graphics package you can create graphic files with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creating Your Customized Wallpaper

This is how you do it with the 2007 version which I am using:

  1. Open PowerPoint.
    Click on the “Layout” icon and select “Blank”.

    You should now have a clean white slide in landscape . If it is not in landscape orientation, click on the tab named “Design”, click on the “Slide Orientation” icon and select “Lanscape”.

  2. It is best to have a black background on your slide. To do this right click anywhere on the slide, click on “Format Background” and select black from the “color” spectrum. Click on “close”.

    Next you will select and paste all the images which you have saved in “Goal Board” into your slide.

  3. Click on the tab “Insert” and click on the “Picture” icon.

    Find the “Goal Board” folder, click on the graphic that you wish to paste and click the “insert” button.

  4. Re-size and move the image on the slide to where you want to put it.

    re-size  click on the image; place the mouse over one of the white circles on the image corners, click and hold down the left mouse button; drag the corner circle in or out until you are happy with the image size and release the button.

    To move the image, click on the image; place the mouse pointer anywhere on the centre of the image, click and hold down the left mouse button; drag the image to where you want it to be on the slide and release the button.

    Select all other images as you did in 3. above.

    Re-size and position all the images until you are happy with your e-Goal Board.

    Next you are going to save the file as a .jpeg image.

  5. Click on the top left “Office Button” and click on “Save As”.

    In the window which you have just opened: Name the file “My Goal Board” in “File name”.

    Click on “PowerPoint Presentation” in “Save as type” and select “JPEG File Interchange Format” from the drop down selections by clicking on it.

    Find the folder “Goal Board” in the left hand pane of the dialogue window and click on it to select, then click on “Save”.

    In the Microsoft Office PowerPoint window which has now opened, click on “Current slide only”.

    You have just saved your e-Goal Board as an image .jpeg file.Next, you will select this image as a wallpaper for your screen display.If you have all your file and program icons on your computer screen, you may want to remove them and put them onto the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, as I have mine.

Placing your Desktop Icons on the Taskbar

If you want to have a clear black desktop as your screen and you not sure how to do this, read on. Here is how you do it with Microsoft Windows 7:

  1. Right click on the bottom taskbar but not on any of the icons. Select “Toolbars” and click on “Desktop”.If any of the other options are selected de-select them in the same way as you have just selected “Desktop”.Your desktop icons are now on the bottom taskbar.

  2. You will see a “dotted” vertical bar to the left of the first folder from your desktop. If you do not see the vertical bar it means that your taskbar is locked. To unlock, right click to the left of your first folder and de-select “Lock the taskbar” by clicking on it.Place your mouse pointer on the "dotted" vertical bar. Your mouse pointer will change into a two directional arrow. Right click to open the dialogue window.

  3. Select “View” and make sure that “Small Icons” is selected. If it is not, select it.

  4. Repeat what you did in (ii) above and make sure that “Show Text” is not selected. If it is, click on it to de-select. Showing the name of each folder takes too much space.

  5. If you cannot see the majority of your folders place your mouse pointer on the “dotted” vertical bar, click and hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the left taking about two thirds of the total space of the toolbar, then release the button.Right click on the “dotted” vertical bar and select “lock the taskbar”.Now go and select your “My Goal Board” file and select it as you wallpaper.


Selecting Your Wallpaper

Need help to do this?

  1. Right click in the centre of your computer screen and select “Personalize”.

  2. Click on “Desktop Background” at the bottom of the window which has just opened.

  3. Click on “Browse”, and find the folder “Goal Board”.Your “My Goal Board” image will be displayed. Click on it to select it.Click under “Picture position” and select “Center” if not already selected.

  4. Next click on “Change background color”, click on the black box and “OK”.

  5. Close the window by clicking on “Save changes” and close all other windows.

Your e-Board is now set as your wallpaper.

The segment that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”. To go to the beginning of the section click on “Personal Goals” in the navigation bar.

I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

To obtain this free flowchart click here.

The physical or e-board that you have just created is an important tool in helping you visualize your goals from the outcome. Close this window and continue with the next segment on how to set goals.

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