Goal Setting Form

Start by creating your goal setting form. We look at the elements of goal setting to create your goal setting template with a logical goal setting outline which I have formulated.

  1. Take your first sheet of paper and place it in a landscape orientation.
  2. Draw two vertical lines to create three equally sized vertical columns.
  3. Label the top of the first column “MY DREAMS”.
  4. Label the top of the second column “WHY NOT?”. Do not label the third column.
  5. Draw an horizontal line below the labels.
  6. Got it?

Let us start with the first column.

My Dreams

In this first column, list your dreams.

You know what a dream is right? Something that you wish to achieve, have or change about yourself. It has to be your dream and you must be passionate about it. You know, you really want it!

You don’t have any dreams? Let me help you.

Do you remember any situation when you felt real joy? Do you remember what you were doing, where you were and with whom? If it felt good you might wish to experience it again – that would be a dream. Write it down.

Is there anything that you wish you could have? Perhaps something material like a car, home, boat, holiday to (fill in) – anything.

Please remember that anything is possible, there are no limitations when you listing dreams.

Is there anything that you would like to become? Perhaps a doctor, lawyer, spiritual healer, ranger, pilot, web designer or architect?

Is there something that you would like to change about yourself? Stop smoking, loose some weight, stop biting your nails or became more confident?

Get the idea? No limitations. Write it down.

Simonstown, South Africa, Tony Bastos

Why Not?

You have listed your dreams in the first column.

In the second column and adjacent to each dream you are going to write down the reason why you have not achieved that dream. Your excuses, the “because...”, “but...” or “if only”.

Look at my four examples below. We will be using these four examples throughout this section on setting smart goals.

Let us take the first one.

Dream: I want to become a doctor.

Why Not?: Because it’s going to be too difficult to became a doctor.

So you want to be a doctor (this is your dream) but in your mind it is going to be too difficult (your excuse) so you have not done it.

Take another one.

Dream: I would love to be more self-confident.

Why not?: Everyone puts down my ideas and I continuously doubt my choices.

You come with ideas for something that you are passionate about but you do not follow through because other people criticize your choices, so you give up.

Do you get the idea?

This goal setting form segment that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section "Setting Smart Goals".

To go to the beginning of the section click on “Personal Goals” in the navigation bar.

I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

To obtain this free flowchart click here.

Take some time now to complete your goal setting form. List each dream and the corresponding reason why you have not yet achieved that dream. When you done close this window to go back to continue setting smart goals.

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