Goal Setting Steps

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There are many components that might affect you reaching your goals. I have created, a simple to follow, step by step guide for effective goal setting, which is covered in this site.

However, you may have entered my site in the middle of the sequence. To ensure that you start at the beginning and follow the correct sequence, I have put together a flowchart which will help you navigate through the pages.

Goal Setting Steps Flowchart; Tony Bastos; How to be Organized.com

This flowchart ensures that you are following the steps in the correct sequence.

The flowchart interacts with the pages on the web site. Click on the block in the flowchart and it will open the corresponding web site page. When you finish with that page, simply close it, return to the flowchart, and click on the block for the next step.

The flowchart will also assist you in monitoring your progress as you work though the Setting Smart Goals section.

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This flowchart will guide you through the goal setting steps and ensure that by achieving your goals you materialize your dreams.

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