Happiness Affirmations

It is very important that you feel happy at all times. Self affirmations such as happiness affirmations and self esteem affirmations when repeated just prior to falling asleep will reprogram and release the power of subconscious mind. You will constantly be in a state of well-being and your emotions will range from contentment to intense joy.

Throughout this section I have pointed out that it is very important that you are happy at all times.

If you are not a happy and positive person, record and listen to the following affirmations taken from Peter Haddon’s book “How to change your life without effort to achieve everything you desire”.

Please refer to my section on "how to program your mind" and follow the instructions to record these affirmations. It is essential that they are recorded and listened to in the correct manner.

Happiness Now. Be Happy!

These are the sentences that you will be recording:

You have complete peace of mind.

You feel intensely joyful and have a sense of fulfilment.

You enjoy a permanent state of well-being and contentment.

You find everything and everyone in life interesting.

You radiate cheerfulness and friendliness.

You enjoy all aspects of your life to the full.

You are tremendously popular because of your consistently happy disposition

You are lively and always display great vigour and energy.

You are always cheerful, enthusiastic and optimistic.

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