How The Mind Works

An insight as to how the mind works. Eliminate each virus of the mind that is hindering you from achieving your dreams. Learn the definition of attitude and realise that you alone choose your attitude. I will share some mind control techniques that will help you.

If you got to this section through the link from setting smart goals you will have a list of all your dreams, a list of everything that you are grateful for in your life right now and you would have formulated your theory of goal setting. You would also have received the free goal setting flowchart which will assist you in the sequence that you should follow for effective goal setting. If you do not have the flowchart, click on the graphic at the bottom of this page.

Look at the second column of your goal setting form. You have listed the reasons for not having achieved each of your dreams.

Those reasons are more than likely caused by the “programming” in your subconscious mind.

How the Mind Works, Tony Bastos

The Power of Subconscious Mind

You have two minds, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. It is generally accepted that you operate about 95% of the time from the programs in your subconscious mind. These are the things that you do without even noticing that you are doing them. Your “auto pilot” so to speak.

This is how the mind works.

According to psychologists the “programs” in your subconscious mind were recorded in the first six years of your life and during the last six months of your foetal development. You observed the world around you and how the people closest to you behaved and recorded all this information.

The problem is that most of these programs are now limiting you from achieving your dreams.

Go to my section on the power of subconscious mind to understand why.

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Virus of The Mind (Meme)

In his book “Virus of the Mind: The new science of the meme”, Richard Brodie explains the concept of meme creation. It is a fascinating book.

Let's use the first example from my goal setting form.

When you were five years old you repeatedly heard your father stating how difficult it was for anyone to became a doctor. All that studying, attending expensive universities and the seven years that it takes to qualify. Impossible!

Your mind registered this and you started to believe this to be the truth.

This idea that “it is too difficult to became a doctor” became a meme caused by a virus of the mind.

Like a biological or computer virus, this virus of the mind infiltrated your subconscious mind.

So, if your dream is to become a doctor and you have this virus, your subconscious mind programming will automatically respond that it will be too difficult and you believe it!

Go from how the mind works to my segment on virus of the mind for a more in-depth explanation.

The Power of Now

So, if you are operating 95% of the time on auto-pilot what about the other 5%.

Well this is when you are operating from your conscious mind. You are operating in the present moment, the “now”.

When you operate in the “now” there are no memes.

If you could operate 100% of the time in the “now” you would create heaven on earth for yourself. You would not be able to come up with any excuses! There are no excuses in the “now”.

Go to my segment on the power of now and you will understand it.

Napoleon Hill wrote a book entitled “Think and Grow Rich”. This is one of the best books that I have read on the subject of transmuting thoughts into reality. When you read this book you will understand that you attract into your life what you are and you are what you think about.

Thought Creates Reality

Remember this fact.

Everything that you see around you was once only a thought in someone’s head.

Are your current thoughts going to help you move closer to accomplishing your goals, or are they obstructing your progress towards reaching your dreams?

Click on thought creates reality where I explain how a thought can be changed into its physical equivalent.

Positive Attitude

The first step to turning your dreams into reality is to start adopting a positive attitude.

This is why I asked you to make the list of affirmations.

You will start your day embracing an attitude of gratitude.

Express and feel grateful for everything good in your life right now.

Remember that you have full control over what you choose to put into your head and think about. It is your choice to have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. Which one is going to bring you closer to your goals?

Napoleon Hill wrote another great book which illustrates how the mind works in relation to the attitude that you choose to adopt.

In “Success through a positive mental attitude” he explains the concept of a positive mental attitude (PMA) versus NMA (negative mental attitude). This is another must listen to audio book.

Learn more about PMA in my section positive attitude.

Mind Programming

In this segment I will also teach you how to start questioning your thoughts. Don't believe everything that you think about.

I started this section by illustrating the power of subconscious mind and how the mind works. You have learnt about those memes which have prevented you from attaining your dreams.

In this segment I am going to use the four examples in the goal setting form to show you how to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Go to the section program your mind and begin the process of removing all those viruses of the mind which are blocking the progress toward achieving your goals.

This section on how the mind works that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”. To go to the beginning of the section click on “Personal Goals” in the navigation bar. I have also put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

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