How to Choose a Career

Discover how to choose a career that satisfies your passion. I have a goal setting idea for you to determine which are your best career choices. Instead of asking “what career should I choose” you should be asking yourself “what am I passionate about?”.

Are you struggling to find a career path?

Your must choose a career that brings you joy. And of course, an income.

I will show you how.

You are going to need a piece of paper. Lay the page in the landscape orientation and draw three vertical lines to make four equal columns.

At the top of each column from left to right write the following headings: what are you passionate about? ; do you have the aptitude to do it?; could you learn; and possible ways to monetize.

This is how you will fill in the form.

What Are You Passionate About?

Think about any activity that brings you joy and write it down. Anything that you are passionate about.

When you are passionate about something you will automatically be motivated to do it well and it will bring you joy.

Do You Have The Aptitude For It?

Next to the first activity that you passionate about, answer whether you have the aptitude to do it – yes or no. In other words; you have an activity that brings you joy and you know that you are capable to perform it.

Could You Learn?

If you answered no in the previous column, you need to ask yourself if it possible for you to study or learn the activity that you listed in the first column.

Possible Ways to Monetize

Think of ways in which you could make money doing the activity that brings you joy. List all possible options to monetize.

I have made my own form and have listed three examples. Have a look at the form below.

Let's take the first example.

How to Choose a Career, Tony Bastos


One of my passions is surfing.

I have the aptitude for it. I am a surfer and I know about surf boards, best ocean conditions for surfing and of course how to stay on the board.

What are the potential ways to monetize? There are several:

  1. I could work for a surf board manufacturer testing their new designs before they are put onto the production line for final manufacturing.
  2. I could open my own manufacturing facility making surf boards and employ sales people to sell my own brand of surf boards.
  3. I might not choose to have the hassle of setting up my own manufacturing plant and may decide to get a job with one of the top surf board manufacturer as a sales representative.
  4. Another possibility is to put up my own web site. I could do reviews on current surf boards, share tips on surfing and create affiliate marketing partnerships whereby I would collect a commission for every surf board sold via my site.

You can use this process for how to choose a career whatever your passion.

There is a career out there for every passion.

Here is my second example:

Kitchen Designs

So, how to choose a career when my passion is kitchen designs?

Not only do I love designing kitchens but I also thrive doing woodwork. So my options would be:

  1. I could open my own company offering design, manufacturing and installation of custom designed kitchens.
  2. My second option would be to set up my own web site selling my kitchen designs and kits for DIY installations.


For my last example on how to choose a career I have a passion for dancing.

One obstacle!

I am not very good at dancing but I would certainly love to learn. So I do not have the aptitude for it but I could learn.

These would be some of my options:

  1. I could open up my own dance studio teaching others how to dance.
  2. I could give people one on one tuition at their homes.

You can see from the above examples on how to choose a career, that there are ways to make money by doing anything that gives you joy.

Create Your Own Web Site

Web sites are great because you are addressing a worldwide market, you need very little capital to start and you can work from anywhere. You need a computer, fast internet access and a good web site host. You do need time.

And if you do it properly you will make money.

My web site host is a company that teaches you the correct way to put up a web site. Your site must be found when people type their search criteria into the web browser. If your site is not found you might as well be handing out visiting cards with your site address.

If you are thinking about putting up a web site go to Site Build It!’s home page and watch their video tour.

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