How to Improve Posture

In this section we will discover how to improve posture. We are spending more and more time sitting in front of our computers so it is imperative that we always assume our best sitting posture. Good posture is essential to maintaining the mind body connection which in turn ensures that our body’s self healing energy is fully actuated. 

We already understand that in order for us to maintain a healthy body, we must ensure that the flow of energy to all the cells in our body remains unobstructed.

The energy flows from your brain to every organ in the body via the medulla spinalis, commonly known as your spinal cord. The spinal cord is a long tube like structure, extending from the base of the brain through the vertebral canal. The vertebral or spinal canal is made up of 33 vertebrae. Between the top 24 vertebrae, there are passages through which nerve fibres exit to connect to the various organs in the body. 

These nerve fibres supply the organs with life energy essential for the correct functioning of that organ.

When the flow of energy to every cell in your body is unobstructed, you have perfect health. This is what I call - your self healing energy.

In my section on Chiropractor Treatment, I explained what happens when one of your vertebrae gets knocked out of alignment. The size of the nerve passage below or above the subluxated vertebra is reduced causing the nerve fibres to be pinched and the flow of energy reduced.

The organ at the end of this nerve fibre is now in trouble. The affected organ is no longer enjoying the full flow of self healing energy which forms part of its immune system. It is no longer fully protected against attack by germs or bacteria and it is vulnerable to sickness.

But this flow of energy can also be choked off by adopting poor posture. In extreme cases, your posture may even contribute to a subluxed vertebra.

In addition to affecting the energy flowing through the nervous system, your posture also controls the blood supply to each part of your body. Poor posture is directly proportional to poor health. 

Poor posture is responsible for the degeneration of tissue in your body caused by an inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients which are carried by the blood. Poor posture could also lead to week chest and stomach muscles which in turn can cause respiratory problems and digestive disorders. 

How to Improve Posture and release your body’s self healing energy.

Most saggy tummies are caused by poor posture. Your abdomen is considered to be the energy centre of the body. If your belly is week, your energy centre is weak and you will feel depleted of energy.

Good posture is the key to energy and you need to know how to improve posture.

Here are some positions that encourage you to adapt bad posture:

  • Hairdressers continually hunched over people develop rounded shoulders and arched back. This is also true for dentists, shop keepers, surgeons or anyone else who works standing for most of their day. 
  • Individuals working in front of computer screens all day at the office and at home.
  • Sitting in front of the television watching programs or playing games.
  • Driving. Whether you are sitting in traffic on your way to work or driving to your holiday destination, your body twisted while you talk to your kids seated behind you on the back seat.
  • Truck and train drivers who spend their days sitting awkwardly and adopting bad posture.
  • Standing in a queue slouched over the supermarket trolley,
  • Business and sales people who always carry their briefcase in the same arm. The muscles on one side become stronger than those on the other side.

Some sports such as tennis and golf also contribute to bad posture.

But posture goes beyond the physical. It also affects our moods. When we are feeling blue, we automatically slump and drop our shoulders. The reverse is also true. A happy disposition leads to better posture. Optimist and happy people hold their heads high.

Here are some tips on how to improve posture. 

It is all about breaking bad habits and correcting the imbalance caused by the examples which I mentioned above.

Be conscious of how you hold yourself and don’t force the body into any unnatural position. Your body naturally “knows” the correct way to be. 

  • Posture is not about adopting a military pose and is very simple and natural.
  • Whenever you are standing hold your head upright, relax your shoulders, place your hips slightly forward and your knees slightly bent.
  • When you sit in front of your computer, adjust the height of your chair so that the upper part of the leg is parallel to the floor. The upper part and lower part of your legs are at 90 degrees. Place the computer screen and keyboard directly in front of you and relax your shoulders. Make sure that you rest your arm on the desk when you are using your mouse. If you need to talk on the phone do not place the receiver between your neck and ear and continue typing. Stop typing and hold the phone to your ear.
  • When you sit in front of the television make sure that your body is not twisted, that your body is fully supported and you are relaxed. If you are falling asleep, go to bed. Sleeping in front of the television is not a good thing for your posture.
  • The position that you adopt when you go to sleep is very important. Do not sleep either in the foetal position or on your stomach. The best is to sleep on your back or on your side, which ensures a straight spine. If you sleep on your side, keep the leg that you are resting on slightly bent and bend the top leg 90 degrees.

Our bodies were not designed to have a inactive lifestyle. They were designed for movement and we need to balance our modern lifestyle with exercise.

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As you can imagine I spend a great deal of time in front of my computer and I have to continuously be aware of the best sitting posture. In addition to being aware of how to improve posture, I exercise regularly to correct the imbalance in my body.

Go to my section on “The Benefits to Exercise” where I share the activities that have worked for me and helped me restore the balance in my life. 

This page on how to improve posture is part of my section on Health Related Fitness. In the next subsection I teach you how to stay positive, another major component to abundant health.

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