How to Organize Photos

Follow these tips on how to organize photos and you will never again spend hours searching for those special memories from your holiday two years ago. By organizing computer files into logical folders you ensure that you will always find that special picture. And while you organize files you will be given some digital photo tips to help you get the best results from your free photo editing programs.

For now let me show you how to organize photos.

We will start creating folders to accurately describe when the group of photos were taken.

The pictorial below will show you the final result once you have gone through the steps on how to organize photos.

How to Organize Photos - Tony Bastos

Start by creating a folder called “Private PHOTOS” as a branch of “YOU”.

The reason for using “Private” is to group private files together on your computer.

I have used the following examples:


Create a folder called “20090609 - Fred's 21st Birthday” as a branch of “Private PHOTOS”. 20090609 (9th of June 2009) is the date when the first photo in this group was taken.

Next transfer all digital photos taken at Fred’s 21st Birthday Party into this folder.

So here is a ♥ Digital Photo Tip! ♥

Just like my folder names, I name each photo with the date when it was taken, followed by a number indicating the sequence and finally a description.

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As an example take “20090609-06 The cake”.

20090609 is the date when the photo was taken; “06” is the numerical sequence of this picture and “The cake” gives me a brief description of the subject matter.Always ensure when organizing computer files into numerical values that you number them “01” and not just “1”. By doing this you ensure that the files numbered “10” and above will remain in numerical order after “09”.

Now go ahead and create additional folders for each of your groups of photos.

Here is another example:


Create a folder called “20100223 - Trip to Australia” as a branch of “Private PHOTOS”.

In the same manner as above, you now know how to organize photos in this folder with a date followed by a numerical value and then a brief description of the subject matter.

More ♥ Digital Photo Tips ♥

Make sure that the photos that you download are from free public domain photos websites or you could face copyright infringements.

You can set up your own photo sharing gallery on line to enable all your friends to look at your pictures.

Just for fun, I have gone and created another two folders, one for friend Mary’s graduation and another for the pictures which I took on my European trip in June 2011.

Next we will create a folder into which to download or transfer photographs for sorting at a later stage.


Create a folder called, yes you have got it, “For Sorting”.

Then as a branch of this folder create additional folders, as you did above, which identifies the date when and location where the specific group of photos were taken, such as “20110925 – Venterstad Visit” as I have done in my example.

You then transfer the photos from your digital photo camera into this folder so that later on you can come back, sort out which photos you want to keep and name each picture as you did above.

How to Organize Photos - Tony Bastos

As you go through this section on how to organize photos, you may feel that it is an incredible amount of work.

But trust me, once you start organizing computer files in this way, you will never go back.

If you have thousands of digital photos already, don’t go back to name each photograph because that would be a lot of work. But, at least separate them into different groups and transfer the groups into folders which identify the date and location when the photos were taken.

However, for all new photos follow the tips which I have given above. You will not regret it!

Please don’t forget to backup computer files regularly.

If you need help go to How to Backup Computer Files.

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