How to Set Goals

Welcome to goal setting made easy. Discover how to set goals and get your own action plan template in this segment. We will go through two goal setting examples based on the entries in the goal setting form.

We are ready to start setting and achieving goals. We will do this by entering the data into an excel spreadsheet as I have done in my example below.

Because of space restrictions I am only able to show a small section of the spreadsheet on this page. Please click on the spreadsheet section below to download the full screen from March 2012 to February 2013 before I begin showing you how to set goals.

You will need to have the full screen to work through this segment.

Click to download the full spreadsheet image.

I am using Microsoft Excel for my spreadsheets on how to set goals.

Goals and To Do Lists

Goals should not be on a “to do” list.

A “to do” list is a set of everyday tasks such as fetch the laundry, go shopping, get a present for John, do the minutes for the meeting and so on.

A goal on the other hand needs a very specific plan.

A plan is a logical series of steps intended to stimulate behavior putting into motion actions the aim of which are to achieve a desired outcome.

The point is that smart goal setting needs a logical and realistic plan.

But also remember what we said earlier on, everything that now is, was once only a dream in someone’s mind. With a well thought out plan the dream became a goal, and with belief and perseverance, the goal became reality.

So to put it into a mathematical equation:

A Dream + A Plan = A Goal

A Goal + Belief + Perseverance = Manifestation of the Dream

Anything is possible.

Now back to our goal setting examples and let me show you how to set goals.

Look at the examples on the spreadsheet that you have just downloaded:

  1. In the left column enter a brief description of the goal. The detailed description of the goal from the outcome has been entered into the dream guide.
  2. The steps are identified by grey blocks on the right of the goal entered in the relevant week. Each month is divided into four weeks. There is no need to be day specific. Directly above the blocks, enter a brief description to identify each step.

Let’s look at how to put together these plans by using one of the examples from the goal setting form that you put together at the beginning of this section to illustrate how to set goals.

I want to become a Doctor of Medicine

This is your dream and we have already proved in the section on positive attitude that the excuse “it’s going to be too difficult” is a meme and it has now been changed to “it’s going to be easy”. If you are still sceptical about adopting the positive thought go back and read through positive attitude

Here are the steps needed to set up a plan for this dream:

  1. Decide whether you would be able to attend a full time university or do this degree by correspondence?
  2. You need to identify which university you would like to attend.
  3. You will need to collect information about the university and the degree such as: how long it will take, the cost, payment options and whether bursaries and loans are available.
  4. When would you be able to start?
  5. In our example you chose to specialize as a radiologist in CT and MRI. When selecting the university hospital where you would eventually be doing your internship, make sure that it has a good MRI and CT department. This will have a bearing on the university that you will choose.

Now armed with all the information you are ready to enter a plan into the action plan template.

For this example on how to set goals, you have made the following plans (refer to the spreadsheet that you have downloaded):

  1. During the first two weeks in June you are going to collect information through the internet on several possible universities and colleges. You will produce a short list down to three possible choices and you will visit all three universities.
  2. During those same two weeks you will start with your subconscious programming aimed at increasing your firmness of purpose and your courage as I showed you in motivational affirmations
  3. You will make a list of pros and cons for each of the three universities. During your holiday in the Seychelles in July you will make a decision on the best option for you.
  4. You will submit your application to your chosen university in the second week of August. We will assume that the university year starts at the end of January.
  5. You decided to take a year off work and attend a full time university. You will move into a small bachelor flat near to the university that you will be attending. You will be doing freelance work for an accounting firm from home to make extra money. At the same time you will start writing quality content for your new web site.
  6. You will submit bursary and student loan applications in the second and third weeks of September. You have decided to apply for a five year student loan to pay for all tuition fees and books.
  7. You will look for a new apartment in the third week of November and move into your new flat at the end of December.

Do you get the idea of how specific your plan has to be?

Let’s take another dream from the goal setting form to illustrate how to set goals.

I would like to lose weight

In the same way, losing weight needs a plan. You will approach this plan on four parallel fronts.

  1. You will listen to the mind programming so that you can start believing that you are a slim and healthy person. You learnt about this in weight loss affirmations
  2. You need to start with an eating plan. Consult a dietician if you need to but we all know that if you choose to lose weight, you have to start eating less and give up some of those high sugar content foods.
  3. You need to start an exercise plan. There are two easy options; get yourself an exercise bike or actual street going bike or jog. Make sure that you bring your pulse level to your cardiovascular level which is calculated from your body mass index and age. By the way, mountain hiking is the best way to lose weight.
  4. You will also enter an additional plan for your weight loss progress weight. You believe that you are going to lose half a kilogram each month.

Let us assume that you weigh 90.5 kilograms, as I did when I started my weight loss routine.

These are the combined weight loss plans that you have entered into the action plan template:

  1. You are going to be on holiday in July therefore have decided to start your weight loss program when you get back home. Good move. There is no point with hassling about losing weight while on holiday.
  2. You will start listening to your sub-conscious program at the beginning of August when you get back from the Seychelles and will listen to it for fourteen consecutive nights.
  3. You will start with your first eating plan in the first week of August and will continue on this plan for one month.
  4. You will start cycling and/or jogging every second day for twenty minutes and you will do this for two months.
  5. At the end of August you will have lost half a kilogram.
  6. You will start with your second eating plan in the first week of September and will continue on this plan for one month.
  7. You will increase your cycling and/or jogging to thirty minutes every second day and you will continue with this routine for two months.
  8. You will keep monitoring your weight on a monthly basis.
  9. At the beginning of October you will start with your third eating plan and will continue with this plan indefinitely.
  10. At the beginning of December you will increase your cycling and/or jogging to sixty minutes every second day.

Are you beginning to understand how to set goals?


Travel and Holiday Plans

Include your travel and holiday plans in your action plan template. If you can, plan your holidays to fit in with your goals.

List of Affirmations and Dream Guide

You will be going through your list of affirmations and dream guide each morning. The whole process of setting smart goals embraces all the steps that you have learnt in the various steps on this site and will be brought together in the segment "setting life goals" at the end of the section.

I have prepared an Action Plan Template where you can enter your goals for five years. If you would like to obtain a copy, click on the graphic below.

I have prepared an Action Plan Template where you can enter your goals for five years. If you would like to obtain a copy, click HERE

This segment on how to set goals that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”.

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I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

To obtain this free flowchart click here.

Consult your action plan template once a day to make sure that your plans are on track. Close this window on how to set goals to go back to setting smart goals. Continue with the next segment where I give you tips on how to choose a career.

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