Thoughts, Feelings, Love

and Emotions

Feelings of love and emotions. Look at the emotion chart on this page showing a list of human emotions. When one says “I got a feeling” where does it originate? There are only two kinds of feelings. Those that make you feel good and those that make you feel bad. When you are feeling up or feeling sad. We have seen that you attract into your life what you are. You are what you think about and feel in your heart. It is very important that you feel good at all times and it is possible as you will see below.

But where do thoughts, feelings and emotions come from?

Look at the emotion chart. You have thoughts, feelings such as love and emotions.

Thoughts, Feelings, Love and Emotions - How to be


It is generally accepted that your thoughts are formed in your three top energy centres also knows as chakras.

These top three are the masculine energy centres.

Your logical, rational and organizing chakras.


Your emotions are produced in your lower three chakras. These are your feminine energy centres. Your earth chakras.

The practical and creative energy centres.


Your feelings are created in your central chakra, the heart.


Belief is a combination of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. When you believe that your goal has already come to pass, you are releasing one of the most powerful energies in the universe. The energy that you are sending out to the universe is the actual blue print for that goal. The result is the manifestation of the goal into reality. You need to feel love and emotions of joy as often as possible because that is what you wish to bring into your life.

As we have seen, negative thoughts will attract more negative stuff into your life. You have to convert all negative thoughts to positive ones.

Dealing with Negative Feelings

Here are some of those negative feelings and what to do about it when they arise.

  • Fear

    This is a feeling experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger.

    Fear is all around us. Television news, internet news and newspapers survive by printing fear. When did you last hear or read good news? There are plenty of good news around and yet all we see and read about is calamity.

    I have stopped watching and reading news and I suggest that you do the same. That will go a long way towards eliminating fear from your life.

    So what can you do when you find yourself in a state of fear? You question it!

    Ask yourself: “where does it come from?”, “is it true?”, “is it going to affect my life directly?” and “can I do anything about it?”. Question this feeling as you have learnt to question your thoughts in the segment on positive attitude.

  • Sadness

    Defined as a feeling experienced when not in a state of well-being.

    Recognize that this is a temporary state. Can you pinpoint where it is coming from?

    I put on a great piece of music or watch my favourite feel good movie when I feel sad. Playing with my dog also helps. Pets teach us great lessons about living in the now.

  • Remorse

    This is a feeling of deep regret.

    The remorse that you are feeling, is it caused by something that you have done to someone else? Contact that person and apologize. Don’t wait, do it now!

    If the remorse is caused by something that you did to yourself, forgive yourself! Forgiveness is a great liberator.

  • Anxiety

    A vague unpleasant feeling that is experienced in anticipation of some misfortune.

    Can you pinpoint what is causing it? Anxiety is usually caused by a virus of the mind and not real. Question this feeling as you have learnt to question your thoughts in the section on positive attitude.

  • Disappointment

    Disappointment is a feeling of dissatisfaction with results when your expectations are not realized.

    If you are disappointed with yourself, go back to your goal plan and get back on track. If it is caused by someone else, recognize that it is beyond your control and let it be. Practice the law of allowing.

  • Anger

    A feeling oriented toward some real or supposed grievance. Deal with anger as you do with sadness as it is a temporary state.

Can you see how to deal with negative feelings by questioning your thoughts?


Go back and read through my section on positive attitude.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to feel good at all times. Feelings of love and emotions of joy is what you need to keep inviting into your life.

Thoughts, Feelings, Love and Emotions - How to be

Above are some examples of the kind of feelings that you need to direct into your mind. 

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Positive, Good Feelings

  • Love is defined as a strong positive feeling of regard and affection.
    To me love is the opposite of fear. When there is love there can be no fear. Love is the key to well being at all levels.
    "The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be" wrote Katherine Mansfield

  • Joy is a feeling of great happiness.

  • Admiration is a feeling of delighted approval and liking

  • Passion is defined as something that is desired intensely.
    Passion is the catalyst to manifesting your goals when you use the law of deliberate attraction that we discussed earlier.

  • Happiness is a state of well-being characterized by feelings ranging from contentment to intense joy.

  • Optimism is a general disposition to expect the best in all things.

  • Trust is to be confident about something.

  • Peace is when there is an absence of mental stress or anxiety.

Can you think of more feelings that make you feel good?

This love and emotions segment that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”.

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I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

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Strive for living in a state when you only experience love and emotions that lead to more positive good feelings. Question all negative feelings and replace them with positive feelings.

Imagine that you are not capable of experiencing any negative feelings or thoughts.

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