The Mind Body Connection

Welcome to the mind body connection where you will learn how to free your, self healing energy using the powers of the mind. Abundant health related fitness is the default state of our universe, and that includes you.

In this section I am going to introduce you to one of the greatest creations in the universe, the human body!

Underneath your dashing good looks is a network of electrical passages linking all fifty to seventy five trillion cells to the master control centre of the body, your brain.

Your brain is built of billions of cells called neurons and neuroglia. Each of these cells sends electrical energy to all the other cells of your body. A typical neuron creates about ten thousand connections to neighbouring neurons. Given that there are billions of neurons, it follows that there are as many connections in a cubic centimetre of brain tissue as there are stars in the milky way galaxy. This brain of ours vastly outperforms anything that we have ever dreamt of building.

So when you are feeling blue, remind yourself that you are the smartest thing in our known universe.

This mind body connection is achieved by a web of nerve fibres, one hundred times smaller than a strand of your hair, connecting the brain to every part of the body.

But, how did it all start?

It started by the union of two cells. A female egg cell about the size of a dot made by a fine pointed pencil and an even smaller male sperm cell.

This combined cell, duplicates and it became two cells. Then it continues duplicating to four cells, eight, sixteen, thirty two and it keeps multiplying. After a while, certain cells begin to change and become brain cells. Others become nerve cells, heart cells, bone cells, kidney cells and so on. 

Your mind body connection explained. Release your, self healing energy using the powers of the mind -

The mission control centre of the body, your brain and spinal cord, are one of the first organs to be formed. The mind body connection is established and the creation of other cells in the body continues - such as the heart cells, blood cells, bone cells, kidney cells and so on.

And after 280 days a new human being is born. 

All perfectly created by an inner wisdom without any outside intervention. But now that the baby is out we feel that it is our duty to step in and take over. 

Do we really think that this inner wisdom which created it, has suddenly abandoned this human being?

We are born weighing a few kilograms and only a few centimetres tall and we develop into fully grown human beings.

Do you think that it is good luck that we have two holes for the eyes? 

How do your fingers know how large to grow? Is it luck that they grow to a certain length and then stop? Is it luck that the heart cells grow to the exact size and shape of the heart?

Is it by chance that kidney cells stay in the kidneys and not in the bones?

No! It is all planned that way.

But now that we are born, other humans think that they know better than all of the wisdom of the universe. We are taught what to think, we learn our parent’s values and we are expected to comply to our society’s rules and behavioural expectations. We start forming our beliefs based on what we hear repeatedly and it is during those first six years that our sub-conscious mind programming takes place.

Later in life we wonder why we find it difficult to achieve our desires and dreams. We do not realise that the reason we struggle is because of our habitual mind programming. Take a moment to read my section on Virus of the Mind to understand why these programs are continuously sabotaging your ability to reach your goals.

Let me hasten to state that this is in no way about apportioning blame to anyone. It is simply stated to illustrate how the mind body connection affects our health and what you can do to ensure that you enjoy complete health related fitness.

Maintaining a healthy body is all about maintaining the flow of energy through the network of nervous fibres in your body. You will then have self healing energy.

Your mind body connection explained. Release your, self healing energy using the powers of the mind -

Everything in the universe is about energy and your body is no different. After all we are all made up of the same stuff as everything else in the universe including the stars and planets. And the default state of the universe is success. Everything is created perfectly, everything works perfectly and so should your body.

It was B.J. Palmer, a chiropractor, who said that “life should be like a candle – it should burn brightly through the years, flicker once or twice and then go out.” You should have perfect health from the very beginning to the very end. 

Scientists tell us that the human body should last 120 to 150 years but your cells don’t last anywhere near that long. Some of your cells only last a few days.

Your skin cells last for about 14 days, colon cells die after about 4 days and they are replaced by new ones, heart cells last for 90 days and red blood cells for about 120 days.

Every time that you brush your hands together you brush away millions of dead cells.

But don’t worry, because as the old cells die off your body produces new cells.

Understand the following.

You will enjoy perfect health when the old and sick cells of your body are replaced by new healthy cells. When this happens your 50 to 75 trillion cells are all healthy and are all doing their job. It takes about 14 months for all the vital organs to be replaced and every 7 years you have a brand new rejuvenated body.

But if the mind body connection is affected, there is a reduction of self healing energy from the brain to the organs in the body. The old cells in that organ will not be replaced by new healthy cells and whatever is afflicting that organ will not pass from the picture.

How can the energy flow to an organ be affected?

Let us delve a little deeper into the route that the energy follows when it leaves the brain. The brain is connected to the medulla spinalis, your spinal cord. The medulla spinalis is a long tube like structure extending from the base of the brain through the vertebral or spinal canal. In humans, the spinal canal is made up of 33 vertebrae. Between the top 24 vertebrae, there are conduits through which nerve fibres exit to connect to the various organs in the body. These nerve fibres supply the organs with their electrical energy.

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Every organ gets their nerve supply through the spine.

As long as all the bones in the spinal cord are aligned, you have the full nerve supply to every organ and you have the full mind body connection to every part of your body.

But due to various reasons, the bones in your spine could be knocked out of alignment causing them to pinch on the nerves exiting below of above the misaligned vertebra. When this happens, the organ which receives the nerve supply from the pinched nerve fibres would suffer.

But what could cause a vertebra to go out of alignment?

It could have happened when you fell of a swing at age seven, it could have been when you were turning that mattress a week ago or from sitting in a car all day slumped over the steering wheel.

What about when you were working at your computer and the phone rang. You carried on a conversation with the receiver between the ear and the neck while you continued to type away at the keyboard. That would have caused the muscles on one side to become stronger than those on the other side and pull the vertebrae out of position.

The same goes for people who carry their briefcase in the same arm or parents who always lift their child in the same arm.

And then there are the funny positions that people adopt while watching television or when going to sleep.

In this section I have highlighted seven techniques that will help establish the mind body connection and thus increase your, self healing energy. Click on the link to open up the page which will give you more detailed information.

1. Chiropractor Treatment

Have your chiropractor examine your spine regularly. A preventative maintenance program that will ensure that your mind body connection is maintained and all cells are getting a good nerve supply from the brain.

Take a moment to read my page on What is Chiropractor Treatment?.

Other techniques used to stimulate the energy fields in your body are Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reiki and Yoga.

2. Shiatsu Massage Technique

Just like Acupuncture, Shiatsu uses meridians (energy channels), ‘tsubo’ (pressure points) and similar diagnostic methods (e.g. Tongue , face or pulse diagnosis), but without the use of needles to release those energies. 

Star Douglas who is my therapist, explains the technique in my Shiatsu Message Technique section.

3. Reiki Self Healing

Reiki is yet another technique used to increase our self healing energy by establishing the mind body connection. Margo, who owns a great internet site on how to deal with stress, explains this proficiency in my section on Reiki Self Healing.

Your mind is where your thoughts reside and your thoughts and feelings control everything in your life, including your health.

4. Health Affirmations

In this subsection, you will learn you will learn the technique of being able to “feel from the outcome”. It just takes a slight shift in attitude to believe that the disease has already passed from the picture. Go to my page on Health Affirmations.

5. Mindfulness for Beginners

We spend most of our lives going around lost in our thoughts with no connection to our only reality, the present moment. Learn how to switch off your “auto pilot” and bring yourself to the present moment by practicing mindfulness or awareness. I call this page Mindfulness for Beginners.

6. Mind Control Methods

We know that our bodies are made of the same material as everything else in the universe. We are made of elements such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, iron, calcium, phosphorous and many others. And just like everything else in the universe we follow a wave pattern, a frequency. Sometimes we experience unpleasantness and sometimes we experience pleasantness, just like the elements. Sometimes the weather is good-natured and calm and other times it is turbulent and wild. This is the normal state of the universe, this is life.

However, we must endeavour to adopt a positive attitude outlook on life. We are in full control about what we choose to feel and think about. In the page on Mind Control Methods I show you how to change your thoughts. It is not about controlling other people’s minds but it is about focusing your mind body connection on what you choose to attract into your life.

7. Essential Oil Chart

Another way to rejuvenate your mind body connection is through your sense of smell. I diffuse essential oils to help me change my thoughts and rejuvenate my mind and body. For an insight into the many benefits of these natural herbal oils visit my Essential Oil Chart page.

At some stage, in the future, we will sever this current mind-body connection when we leave these bodies. Until that day let us ensure that the candle is burning brightly and that we are enjoying our lives to the full.

I loved an interaction between the characters in an episode from the series “3rd Rock from the Sun”. The series tells the story of 4 aliens that assume human forms to study all there is to know about the humans on planet earth. This an extract from one of the episodes early on in the first series:

Tommy asks “Dick, when are we going to leave these bodies?”

Dick answers: “When we have learnt all there is to know about life”.

Harry comments: “Wow, good thing we’ve got cable [Television]”

Everything in this universe is energy and our bodies are no different. Maintain a strong mind body connection and you will have an abundance of self healing energy flowing through your body.

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