Mind Control Methods

Use mind control methods and learn how to change your thoughts. You can use different types of meditation depending on what it is that you choose to manifest into your life. Whether it is to live with a mind without fear or to materialize your dreams.

Let me start by explaining that the methods that I am advocating are not the kind that you might find in psychological thrillers. This is not about controlling others but about controlling your own mind enabling you to choose what you think about and believe in.

Use mind control methods and learn how to change your thoughts - www.how-to-be-organized.com

We all have two minds, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and they need to be handled differently because, even though they occupy the same area of your brain they are very different in function.

The conscious mind is where you have the visions, wishes, desires and aspirations. The stuff that is happening in your life now. This is the mind that you use when deciding what you are going to have for dinner and what you will be doing after dinner.

Your subconscious mind is your habitual mind. The mind that takes over when you are in auto-pilot which the scientists tell us is for about 95% of your life.

It is in your subconscious mind that your basic programming is stored. 

Read my section on How the Mind Works and you will understand where these programs come from. Your subconscious mind was programmed during the first six years of your life, including the last six months of your foetal development.

During those first years your mind is in “record” mode. You download information by observing how your parents respond to their community, how people that you come into contact with behave, the television, your religious leaders, your parent’s friends and pretty much anyone else that you come into contact with in those early years.

When it comes to the subconscious mind, it is not so much about mind control methods but more about mind reprogramming. I deal with this subject in my section on How to Program Your Mind.

This subsection is about controlling the shift between our habitual and our creative mind.

I am going to describe three mind control methods.

1. Meditation

One of the methods by which we can achieve this control is through meditation. 

Meditation is a training of attention that takes us out of “auto pilot” mode into “manual override”. We bring our mind back to reality or as Tara Brach calls it, we bring our mind home to our body.

There are two main types of meditation, concentration meditation and insight meditation.

Concentration meditation is when we train our mind to focus on a single subject and we eliminate everything else from our mind which is rather difficult in our day to day life. We need to create a physical environment totally free of distractions, noise or interruptions in order to practise this type of meditation. Ideally, this type of meditation is best practised in a monastery.

Insight meditation or mindfulness, on the other hand, is free from all these drawbacks. Mindfulness is about awakening out of our habitual thinking and to bring us back home to the reality of the present moment. We are free to notice whatever comes up during that presence – noise, lust or love. In a state of pure mindfulness the attention flows along with whatever changes are taking place in the mind. Concentration is used but it is not the goal.

Insight meditation was dealt with in the previous subsection, “Mindfulness for Beginners”.

Another of the mind control methods which I use is what I call, tuning in to ideas.

2. Tuning in to Ideas

In his book “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude”, Napoleon Hill recounts the first time that he went to meet Dr Elmer Gates. Dr Gates was an American teacher, philosopher, psychologist, scientist and inventor. 

When Hill arrived at Dr Gates’ office he was told by the secretary that Dr Gates was not to be disturbed and that it could be several hours before he would be able to meet Dr Gates.

Hill asked: “Do you mind telling me why you are unable to disturb him?”

She [the secretary] hesitated and then responded, “he is sitting for ideas”.

I call it tuning in to ideas and you don’t necessarily have to be sitting down. 

Remember that everything that surrounds you, started as an idea. The idea was then visualised and with the use of mind control methods, materialized into its physical equivalent.

Use mind control methods and learn how to change your thoughts - www.how-to-be-organized.com

Ideas are like waves from radio stations. The radio waves are all around us but unless we tune our radios to their specific frequencies, we will not hear them. 

This is what I do to tune in to ideas.

In the evening just before going to bed. I go into my study and lie on my couch or sit on the chair at my desk. I close the door, lower the blinds, draw the curtains, close the door and switch off the light.

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I close my eyes and engage in deep concentration on a specific project or problem that I am currently working on. I then ask my subconscious mind to give me an answer, whatever that might be. As soon as ideas begin to crystallize, I record them to my voice tracker (digital tape recorder).

Sometimes ideas come pouring in immediately, sometimes only after an hour and sometimes they don’t. Usually they continue to surface after I get into bed. I keep my voice tracker with me at all times. Whenever an idea pops into my head, I record it.

The following day I transfer the recording into a word document.

Those ideas are turned into goals and materialised into their physical equivalent, using the method which I have developed and which I share in my section on “Setting Smart Goals” and in my eBook entitled, “How to Materialize Your Dreams”.

3. Question Your Thoughts

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. It is therefore very important for you to maintain a positive mental attitude at all times.

The good news is that you have the choice about what you feel and think about.

Your thoughts are either about what happened to you in the past or about what you think might happen to you in the future.

Having negative thoughts about what happened in the past is a complete waste of energy. 

You cannot change what happened in the past and the decisions which you made in the past were more than likely the correct ones. After all, you only had a certain amount of data available to you at that time. Let it go!

Your future is an illusion and not real. I am sorry to tell you but, you are not able to predict the future. Your presumptions about your future may or may not turn out the way that you think, so don’t believe everything that you think about.

Whenever a negative thought comes into your head, question it! 

Read through my subsection on Positive Attitude and learn how to change your thoughts by questioning them.

In that section you will also learn about manifestation meditation.

Accept that for the most part of your life, you will be living on auto-pilot. That is the way that we are designed and it works very well. However, there are times that we want to bring ourselves back home to the realness of the present moment, our only reality. Whenever you choose to be in the here and now use the mind control methods which I have shared with you here. "Mind Control Methods" is part of my section on the Mind Body Connection. In the next subsection, I will tell you how essential oils can influence our mind body connection.

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