Money Affirmations

Money affirmations help you to program your mind. Abundance affirmations, wealth affirmations and prosperity affirmations when repeated just prior to falling asleep will reprogram your subconscious mind and will get rid of the memes that are holding you back.

Let’s take the following example from the goal setting form.

My Dream: I want a new car

Why not?: I can’t afford it

In this example, your belief that you cannot afford it is another meme.

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You may have heard your parents repeatedly stating how difficult money is to come by. You may even have been told statements like: “do you think money grown on trees?”, “don’t waste your money on luxuries” and “where do you think that the money is coming from”.

These statements were recorded into your subconscious mind and you started believing them. You now believe that you have no money and the universe if continuously proving this to you.

You need to start believing that money comes to you easily. To accomplish this, record and listen to the following money affirmations taken from Peter Haddon’s book “How to change your life without effort to achieve everything you desire”.

Please refer to my section on "how to program your mind" and follow the instructions to record these affirmations. It is essential that they are recorded and listened to in the correct manner.

These are the sentences that you will be recording:

You are constantly thinking in terms of money.

You receive numerous ideas for making money.

You are completely free of debt.

More and more money is being attracted to you as time goes on.

You have an undeniable right to be prosperous.

You are continuously able to devise ways of making as much money as you need.

Day by day in every way you are getting richer and richer.

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