Nasal Sinus Irrigation

Nasal sinus irrigation ensures clear paranasal sinuses facilitating your deep breathing exercises. On this page, you will find neti pot instructions and I show you how to mix your neti pot solution.

Nasal lavage is a way to wash your nasal cavity of excess mucus and debris. It helps to maintain your sinuses clear and with regular use will help relieve chronic sinusitis and nasal congestion.

During an irrigation, the nasal cavity is washed out with a solution of water and salt using a nasal cleansing pot, commonly referred to as a neti pot. There are several types of neti pots available not only in size and shape but also made out of different materials. Most nasal cleaning pots are made of plastic but you also get a few ceramic neti pots. I prefer plastic because I do my sinus irrigation in the shower. Plastic will survive a drop but a ceramic neti pot would not.

Nasal sinus irrigation promotes clear sinus and good nasal health leaving your passages clear for your deep breathing exercises,

Whatever material you choose, make sure that you choose a large nasal cleansing pot that comes with a lid. Having a lid, makes mixing the salt and water much easier. Having a large pot means that you can do both nostrils with a single solution mix.

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Neti Pot Solution

There is no need to buy any special neti pot salt. I use fine Himalayan crystal salt which is available at all supermarkets. If you cannot get Himalayan salt use non-iodized fine table salt. Sea salt is not recommended as it is strong and may cause irritation to the nasal passage.

Of course if you are at the sea, there is no better place to do your nasal sinus irrigation than in the salt water and in the sunshine, provided of course, that your oceans are clear of pollution.

The amount of salt is dependent on the size of your pot. The rule of thumb is to mix ¼ teaspoon of salt into a cup (250ml). I use half a teaspoon in my large neti pot.

Mix your neti pot solution, as follows:

  • Place half a teaspoon of fine Himalayan crystal salt into the neti pot an take the pot and lid with you into the shower. 
  • Fill the pot with warm water directly from the shower. The water temperature should be warm but not hot. About the same temperature that you would set when taking a winter shower.
  • Place the lid on the neti pot and shake it to fully dissolve the salt. 

Make sure that the salt is fully dissolved.

Neti Pot Instructions

I like to perform my nasal cleansing in the shower but it can also be done over a sink or basin.

Tilt your head to the side like the girl is doing in the photograph.

The water needs to flow freely from the upper nostril and out of the lower nostril. Adjust your head to get the most comfortable angle but do not lift your head or you will get solution in your ears. With a little practise you will get it just right.

Insert the spout of your neti pot into the cavity of your raised nostril. Raise the pot slowly until you have a steady flow of solution into the raised nostril and out of the lower one. The higher that you hold the pot the faster the flow. Make sure that the pot is not so high that the solution will spill out at the top.

Allow the water to flow for about 5 seconds and then reverse the tilt of your head and repeat the process for another 5 seconds.

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Continue alternating from left to right until the salt solution is finished.

Wash the neti pot with the running shower water and put it aside.

Blow your nose to get all the mucus out.

If you are doing this in the shower, lower your head, as if you were going to touch your toes. This is a process which I use to get all the salt water out of my nasal cavities. 

While your head is down look slightly to the left and then to the right. Do this a couple of times until there is no more solution draining through your nose.

Keep your head down and bring your chin to your chest, then bring the head up slightly. Again do this a couple of times until all the solution is out of your naval cavity.

Stand upright and enjoy the rest of your shower.

You are done with your nasal sinus irrigation.

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Making nasal sinus irrigation part of your daily hygiene routine, will ensure that you live you clear paranasal sinuses.

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