Create Folders for your
Office Templates

Create folders where you will save all your office templates. As you create presentation templates, project management templates, your marketing plan template and your small business plan template save them into the folders that you will be creating here.

Rather than creating a new file or folder each time, you will copy the template, paste the template copy and rename it. Then, if necessary, modify it slightly to fit the specific application.

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If you are not sure how to copy and name folders click on the link to open up the following new page on your browser, Computer File Systems – Files and Folders.

Start by creating a folder called “Office TEMPLATES (Save As)” as a sub-branch of “YOU”.

The “Save As” is a reminder for you to first copy the file and give it a new specific name so that you do not change and lose your original template.

I will give you some examples of folders that I have created for my specific business. You may wish to exclude or include different folders which will best fit your business’ needs.


My first folder is called “Calculation Sheets” and it is a sub-branch of “Office TEMPLATES (Save As)”. This is where I save templates of my standard calculation sheets that I use to calculate my profit margins and selling price for my services.


The next folder is called “Folders (COPY FIRST)”. This is where you will place all those folder templates which you created in earlier pages. “COPY FIRST” is a reminder for you to copy the folder and paste it in the new folder. Then rename it.

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If there are any basic computer terms mentioned on this page that you are not familiar with, click over the icon on the right to open up a new page explaining all computer terms used on this site.

Go ahead and move the following folders into “Folders (COPY FIRST)” by using drag and drop


“Folder Template A” which we created in “Office CLIENTS”;


“Product Template” which we created in “Office MY PRODUCTS”;


“X Project Template” created in “Office PROJECTS”;


“X Supplier Template” from “Office SUPPLIERS”;


The next folder will be moved into “Office TEMPLATES (Save As)”. That is the folder that we created earlier in “Office PRESENTATIONS”, called “Presentation Templates”.The next six folders which I will create are all sub-branches of “Office TEMPLATES (Save As)”.


The first is called “Marketing Plan” and as the name suggests this is where you will save your marketing plan template.


The second folder is called “Newsletters”. Save the template which you created as a base for your newsletters here.


The next folder is named “Project Management”. Save your project management templates here.


The fourth office templates folder that you create is called “Quote Covers”. Save your standard quotation covers in this folder.


Next create a folder for your small business plan template and call it – yes! “Small Business Plan”.


And the last folder in my example is called “Standard Quotes”. I have saved all my standard quotation layouts here as well as my terms and conditions of sale.

If you think of any other template types that you need go ahead and create additional folders.

You’re done with this section.

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