How to
Organize Computer Files

into Folders (Private e-Files)

The secret to finding your data is to organize computer files into logically named folders.

I will show you effective ways to keep track of all your e-Documents. You will learn my proven methods to organize photos, organize music files and free tips on how to go about organizing computer files so that you will never lose another e-Document.

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If there are any basic computer terms mentioned on this page that you are not familiar with, click over the icon on the right to open up a new page explaining all computer terms used on this site.

I use Microsoft Windows as my operating system but you can organize computer files with whatever operating system your system uses.

You will notice, when you look at the graphic on the right, that I have created a new user on my computer called “YOU”. Your computer will show the name that you gave your primary administrator user when you set up your computer and it will appear at the top of the main computer trunk instead of “YOU”.

You will also notice that I start the name of each folder with “Private”. By using “Private” in front of the folder name, you will ensure that all your private folders will be grouped together. This makes it easier to access your documents.

Look at the folder tree. This is what your folders should look like at the end of this section on how to organize computer files.

The section which follows assumes that you are familiar with creating windows folders. If you need help please go to my section on Organize Windows Folders. When you click below, you will open a new tab in your browser (depending on your settings). When you finish simply close the tab and you will be back on this page.

Go to How to Create and Organize Windows Folders

Are you ready to start sorting out your private computer folders?

Let’s go!

Private Communications and Correspondence

The first set of folders that you will create is where you will save all your communications and e Correspondence. Go to Private Communications and Correspondence to create folders for all your communications.

Private Document Storage Box

Next we will create a document storage box where you will save all your e Documents such as your auto insurance quotation, your kid’s school reports, your business communication articles , personal diplomas and so on. Open Private Document Storage Box to see how.

My e Book Library

This group of folders is going to be your e book library. Click to open My e Book Library and start sorting all those e books.

Personal Finance Organizer

This is your personal finance organizer. We all know the importance of personal finance and this is where you will save all those files relating to all financial, such as your personal finance spreadsheets and personal finance tax preparation. Go to Personal Finance Organizer to begin.

How to Organize Home Files

Here you will learn to organize computer files into logical folders. Yes, you will file your best chocolate cake recipe here. Click on the link to open How to Organize Home Files.

In the Setting Smart Goals section of my site, I share tips and give you tools to help you achieve all your dreams and show you how to set up a goal setting worksheet.

The Life Plan

Your goal setting worksheet will be a major tool of the life plan that you have chosen for yourself. This worksheet will have all your smart goals and will be stored in these folders. Go to The Life Plan and prepare the ground to start changing your life.

How to Organize Music Files

Ah-h-h-h. Discover the pleasure of finding all your music when you want to listen to it. Open the page How to Organize Music Files and organize music files into folders that describe each music genre.

Next I will show you some ideas for storing all your digital photographs.

How to Organize Photos

For photography lovers. Have you got a method for quickly finding all those thousands of digital photos that you have? Click to open How to Organize Photos and discover how to create folders that dateline all your photos.

Mother, Tony Bastos

You will also receive digital photographic tips as you organize computer files.

My Travel Organizer

Logical arrangement of all your travel related e Documents is what you will learn here. Go to My Travel Organizer and start organizing computer files into logically grouped folders.

Private Templates

Lastly you will create a folder where you will store all your templates.

A template is a standard file or folder which is used as a guide to make other files or folders. For instance, label sheets, letters with your logo and spreadsheets.

Rather than creating a new file each time, you will copy the template, save it as a specific new name and modify it slightly to fit the application.

So, go ahead and create a folder named “Private TEMPLATES (Save As)” as a sub-branch of “YOU”.

The “Copy First” is just to remind you to first copy the file and give it a new specific name so that you do not change your template.

Throughout this site while you organize computer files, I will point out files and folders that could be used as templates.

Please don’t forget to do regular backups of all your files. Refer to my section on How to Backup Computer Files for help and tips on computer file backup.

You have completed the section which showed you how to organize computer files for private use.

Well done!

Go ahead and create any other folders which fit your computing lifestyle.

If you also use your computer for business don’t miss my section on Organizing Computer Files into Folders (Office e-Files).

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