How to Organize Contacts

This section gives you tips on how to organize contacts for your best email client. It is the next logical step after organizing computer files into one of your chosen free email clients.

This is how I organize contacts into my email client. The graphic below is what my contact’s “Address Book” looks like.

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Creating New Address Books

I use my email client as my contact manager and thus apart from the full name and email address, I list all contact details for each contact.

To make it easier to find my contacts I save them into different address books as you see above. I suggest that you organize contacts in the same way.

Creating folders is done in the following manner;


Click on any of the existing address book folders to select the left hand column;


From the “Address Book Toolbar”, click on “File”, then “New” then “Address Book”. The “New Address Book” dialogue window opens.

Type in a name and click “OK” to close.


To move contacts into the new address book, simply drag and drop contacts from your “Personal Address Book” into the new address book that you created.

Collected Addresses Folder

Most windows email clients are defaulted to save the email address each time that you reply to an email. The problem with this is that you end up with hundreds of addresses which you have no clue who they belong to.

Thunderbird has a great feature which allows you to select into which address book you choose to have outgoing email addresses saved into.

I have selected that the addresses are saved into my “Collected Addresses” folder. This way my other address books only contain email addresses that I have chosen to save.

Once a month I go through the “Collected Addresses” folder and organize contacts which I want to keep into my other folders.

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Address Book Backup (Export)

Make sure that you backup the folder which contains your contacts. Again, different email clients save these contact details differently but most offer an “export facility”.

Do the following:


Create a folder called “Contacts” as a sub-branch of “eMail Temp”.

You created a folder called “eMail Temp” as a sub-branch of “Private DOCUMENTS” when you created your private folders in the “Private Document Storage Box” page.


Open your address book.

If you have more than one folder, as I have, you will need to do this procedure for each of your folders. I will do a backup of my folder “Suppliers”.


Click on “Suppliers”.

Select “Ctrl+A” to select all contacts in this folder.


Click on “Tools” and then “Export”.

The “Export Address Book” dialogue window opens.

Open the folder which you named “Contacts” in step 1 above. If it is the first time that you are doing this, the right hand window should indicate “No items match your search”.

In the file name enter “Contacts-Suppliers” (remember that in my example I am saving my suppliers).

Select “Comma Separated” in “Save as type” drop down menu.

Click on “Save”.

You have now saved your complete suppliers contact list.

Address Book Restore (Import)

If you have downloaded a new email client or have lost your data for whatever reason this is what you do to restore and re-organize contacts.

In your new address book, create the folders as you had in your old one.

I am going to restore my “Suppliers” contacts.


Open your address book.

Select the folder “Suppliers”.


Click on “Tools” and then “Import”.

The “Import” dialogue window opens.

Select Address Books and click “Next”.


You will be asked to select the type of file that you want to import.

Select “.csv” which is the comma-separated format that you exported the file in.

Click “Next”.

You will be asked to select the folder which contains the file.

Find the folder “Contacts” which is a sub-branch of your “eMail Temp” folder which you created in “Private DOCUMENTS”.

Click on “Contacts” to open the folder and view its contents.

Next select “Comma Separated” from the drop down menu next to file name.

Your exported file “Contacts-Suppliers” will appear in the right window.

Click to select it. See graphic below.

Organize Contacts, How to Be Organized, Tony Bastos

Now click on open.


The “Import Address Book” dialogue window will open asking you which fields you would like to import.

The fields that were selected when you initially exported the file should be defaulted.

Click “OK” to import your contacts into your address book.

You have completed this section on How to Organize Contacts. There are several free email clients that you are able to download but whatever software you choose as your best email client, these tips will make your contacts more organized.

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