How to Organize Favorites

I will show you how to organize favorites in your best web browser and some tips on how to search the internet.

What is a web browser? It is a program used to view web pages on the internet.

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Favorites is not a generic term.

It is the term used by Windows Internet Explorer for the list of links to favoured web pages that you have selected to keep. Chrome, Firefox and some other web browsers refer to this list of links as “Bookmarks”.

In this section I will show you how to organize favorites in Internet Explorer.

Look at the graphic below as I will be referring to those items which I have indicated with arrows.

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Bookmarks Bar

Use the bookmarks bar only for web sites that you use on a daily basis. These icons will be visible at the top of all your web browser windows.

We will use the page that you are on, to show you how to add a web page link to your bookmarks bar.

Click on “Favorites” in the Menu Bar and select “Add to favorites bar”.

“How to Organize Favorites” has been added to your Menu Bar.

If you cannot see this new addition on the bookmarks bar, it means that the visible space of the bar is full. You need to click on the “>>” symbol on the right to view the hidden web site links.

Favorites Folders

Here you can create folders that describe the genre of sites and sub-folders which will further narrow the categories.

We will now create a new folder (Self Help) and a sub-folder (Web Browser) into the favorites folders.

Again we will use this page to demonstrate.


Click on “Favorites” and select “Add to favorites.” The “Add a Favorite” dialogue window will open.


The default name for this page is “How to Organize Favorites”. If you want to give it a new name, type it into the “Name” field now.


As this folder does not exist, click on “New Folder” to open up the “Create a Folder” dialogue window.

Type “Self Help” and click “Create”


Next we will create a sub-folder of “Self Help” and we will call it “Web Browser”.

“Self Help” should now appear in the “Create in:” drop down menu.

Click on “New Folder”. Type “Web Browser” and click “Create”.

Now click “Add” to close the dialog window and save the link to “Organized Bookmarks Manager” in your “Favorites” tree under Self Help/Web Browser.

♥ Tip ♥

If you are searching several sites looking for goods or services for something that you are working on at the moment, create a folder called “Current Projects”. You may not want to keep all the site links once you have finished with your project. Go back, delete the sites that you do not want and move those that you want to keep into other folders.

Organize Favorites Alphabetically

The folders that you add to your favourites folders are not stored alphabetically.

To organize favorites alphabetically, you need to open your “Organize Favorites” window.


Click on “Favorites” in the Menu Bar and select “Organize favorites”. The “Organize Favorites” window opens.

Naturally you would have added other folders besides “Self Help” to your favorites. If not your list will consist only of your “Favorites Bar” and “Self Help” which you created earlier.


Place your mouse pointer over any of the folders and right click. Click on “Sort by name”.

Your folders have now been reordered alphabetically.

Organize Favorites, How to Be Organized, Tony Bastos

♥ Some More Tips ♥

  • You will find your favorites in your main folder tree when you open up your Windows Explorer. The folder is logically called “Favorites”. If you need to move sub-folders or web site links into other folders drag it from the source and drop it into the destination folder.
  • You can also add additional folders directly. Place your mouse pointer over the folder into which you want to add a sub-folder, right click and click on “Add folder”. Type the description in the new folder and press enter. Creating folders is dealt in my section “How to Create and Organize Windows Folders” which you can access via my “Site Content” navigation bar link.

Deleting Bookmarks and Folders

If you wish to delete any folder or individual web site bookmarks, do it like you would any file or folder.

Place the mouse pointer over the folder or file that you wish to delete and right click.

Then select “Delete”.

Warning! Whatever you delete in your “Organize Favorites” window does not end up in your recycle bin. It will be deleted forever. Whenever you delete a folder, you will also be deleting all its contents.

If you are using Google Chrome go to Organized Bookmarks Manager.

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