How to Organize Home Files

Discover the best way to organize home files into folders that accurately describe its contents. You might have a weekly checklist for house cleaning or even a cleaning schedule worksheet that you will save here.

Refer to the graphic below as you organize computer files into folders.

Organize Home Files - Tony

We will start by creating a folder called “Private HOME” as a branch of your main computer trunk which I have called “YOU”.


Next create a folder called “Articles” as a sub-branch of “Private HOME”. Whenever you find an article with good tips on decorating ideas or garden landscaping you will download them and transfer them into this folder.


Create a folder called “Decorating Ideas” as a branch of “Articles”. Organize home files relating to decorating as well as do it yourself (DIY) projects in this folder.


Next, create a folder called “Garden” as a sub-branch of “Articles”. Garden landscape articles, gardening tips, your own garden layout plans – you get the idea!


The next folder that we will create is for storing all e Documents relating to house cleaning.

So, go ahead and create the folder “Cleaning” as a sub-branch of “Private HOME”. This is the place where you will save your cleaning schedule worksheet as well as your weekly checklist for house cleaning.


Next create a folder called “Insurance Policies” as a sub-branch of “Private HOME”.

You might have several insurance policies but I am assuming for the purpose of this exercise that you have home owners, covering your building, as well as a home contents policy covering the contents of your house.

Thus, as a sub-branch of “Insurance Policies” create two folders.


Call the first one “Building”. This is where you will store all policies, e Documents and claims relating to your home building insurance.


Call the next one “Home Contents”.

The best way to keep track of everything in your house is with a home contents spreadsheet. Each time you buy anything new; just enter it into the spreadsheet with the price which you paid. Once a year just quickly revise the replacement cost for each item.


The next folder that you need to create while you organize home files is one where you will save all legal documents relating to your home such as: title deeds, original offer to purchase or lease agreement, mortgage bond agreements, contracts with your local municipality and the like.

So, go ahead and create a folder called “Legal Documents” as a sub-branch of “Private HOME”.


Do you have a property that you are letting?

If so, create the folder “Letting” as a sub-branch of “Private HOME’.


Then create a sub-branch of “Letting” and call it with the address of the property that you are letting. I have called mine “Home 1”. Save all e Documents, leases and bonds relating to “Home 1” in this folder.

If you have additional properties that you are letting, create a folder for each as you did for “Home 1” above.


Operating Instructions

Whenever I buy an appliance, I download the operating instruction from the manufacturer’s web site. Then I save it into the relevant folder on my computer. This way I never have to spend hours looking for the paper operating instruction which came with the appliance, when I need to refer to it.

These are the folders that we are creating next.

Create a folder called “Operating Instructions” as a branch of “Private HOME”.

Then as sub-branches of “Operating Instructions” create the following four folders;


A folder for your “Appliances”.


Another for all your “Audio and Video” operating instructions.


One called “Computer Hardware” where you will save operating instructions for all your computerized belongings.


Phones” is where you will save cellular phone manuals, fax machines instructions, answering machines – you have the idea.


Last, in this section on how to organize home files, create a folder called “Recipes” as a branch of “Private HOME”.

Remember where you put that chicken enchilada recipe that your mom e mailed you?

What about Janet’s best chocolate cake recipe?

Well, this is where you will save them.

After you organize home files into folders click below to continue organizing computer files and creating new folders.

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