How to Organize Music Files

Organize music files on your computer by following my tips below and you will never again struggle to find a specific song or artist.

I will show you how to organize computer files, in this case music files, into logical folders.

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This page is part of the section on organizing computer files which also shows you how to organize home files.

But for now we will organize your music files.

This graphic illustrates what we are going to achieve in this section.

organize music files


Start by creating a folder called “Private MUSIC FILES” as a branch of “YOU”.

The reason for using “Private” is to group private files together on your computer.

Next, you will create different folders to organize music files into different types of music, for example:


Create a folder and name it “Classical” as a branch of “Private MUSIC FILES”.

Now go ahead and create additional folders for other genres of music that you enjoy listening to. I will give you another example;


Create a folder and name it “Rock” as a branch of “Private MUSIC FILES”.

Continue creating folders for each type of music.

I have gone ahead and created additional folders for Female Vocal, Male Vocal, Jazz and Brazilian Music.

Next, we are going to branch folders in each music genre and create a folder for each artist.

In the next example I am going to create a folder for Credence Clearwater Revival (which will give you a hint as to my age), like this;


Create a folder and name it “Credence Clearwater Revival” as a branch of “Rock”.

Next, I am going to create a folder with the name of the album and organize music files from this album into the folder, like this;


Create a folder and name it “The Concert” as a branch of “Credence Clearwater Revival”. Download or transfer all of The Concert’s music files into this folder.

In the steps that follow I am assuming that you are familiar with renaming computer files. If you need help go to my section on “Renaming Folders and Files” in are not then please click on Computer File Systems, Files and Folders (Part 2). Then come back here to organize music files.

You will have noticed that each of my music files is named starting with a numerical value followed by the name of the track such as “02 – Green River”. Music file names vary depending on who is producing them. It is important for you to be consistent with your file names.

By naming the files as I have done below when organizing computer files, you ensure that the tracks are saved and played back in sequence.

In addition naming the file “01 – Green River” instead of “1 – Green River” ensures that the tracks from 10 onwards are listed below “09 – Fortunate Son”.

Now go ahead and continue by creating a folder for each of the artists in your collection.

When you finished you will have created a well organized music library which contains all your music in logically divided folders.

Please don’t forget to backup your data.

If you need help with computer file backup go to How to Backup Computer Files.

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