How to Organize Photos
(Office Related)

Organize photos directly related to office functions into these folders. You might even want to start organizing computer files to create a free image library accessible on your network. This way your staff can have access to all office related photographs.

I will also be sharing some useful digital photo tips in this section.

Follow these tips on how to organize photos and you will never again spend hours searching for those specific photos taken at the end of the year office party two years ago.

We are going to create folders to save groups of photographs taken at different office related functions. Each folder will identify when the photographs were taken.

Start by creating a folder called “Office PHOTOGRAPHS” as a branch of “YOU”.

In creating sub-branches I will use the following examples:


Create a folder called “20090213 - Opening of New Office” as a sub-branch of “Office PHOTOGRAPHS”.

Where 20090213 (13th of February 2009) is the date when the first photo in this group was taken. Next, transfer all digital photos taken at the opening of the new office into this folder.

Here is a ♥ Digital Photo Tip ♥
Name each photograph with the date when it was taken, followed by a number indicating the sequence and finally a brief description.

As an example take “20090213-02 John and James”.

20090213 = the date when the photo was taken

02 = the numerical sequence of this picture and

John and James = A brief description of the subject matter.

Always ensure when organizing computer files into numerical values that you number them “01” and not just “1”. By doing this you ensure that the files numbered “10” and above will remain in numerical order after “09”.

Here is another example for storing the group of photographs that were taken on the 25th of March 2009 when a motivational speaker addressed our staff.


Create a folder called “20090325 - Motivational Speaker” as a sub-branch of “Office PHOTOGRAPHS”.

In the same manner as above, you now know how to organize photos in this folder with a date followed by a numerical value and then a brief description of the subject matter.

Here is another ♥ Digital Photo Tip ♥ 
Make sure when downloading photos from web sites on the internet that they are free public domain photos or you could face copyright infringement charges.

Feel free to download any photographs from this site.

Next we will create a folder into which to download or transfer photographs for sorting at a later stage.


Create a folder called; yes you’ve got it, “For Sorting”.

Then as a sub-branch of this folder create additional folders, as you did above, which identifies the date and location when and where the specific group of photos were taken.

Transfer the photos from your digital photo camera into this folder and when you have time come back, decide which photos you want to keep and name each picture as you did above.

Once you have done this move the folder into “Office PHOTOGRAPHS”.

♥ Tip ♥ 
If you are not sure how to move folders click to open Computer File Systems – Files and Folders.

Your folder tree should resemble the one below.

Now go ahead and create additional folders into which you will organize photos into common groups. As you go through this section on how to organize photos, you may feel that it is an incredible amount of work.

But trust me, once you start organizing computer files in this way, you will never go back.

If you have thousands of digital photos already, don’t go back to name each photograph because that would be a lot of work. But, at least separate them into different groups and transfer the groups into folders which identify the date and location when the photos were taken.

For all new photos follow the tips which I have given above. You will not regret it!

Please don’t forget the regular backups of your data.

Go to my section on how to backup computer files, the link to which you will find in my Site Content page.

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