Organizing Computer Files
into Folders (Office e Files)

Finally ... free tips on organizing computer files. Learn how to organize computer files by creating electronic document storage boxes or folders into which you will save all your e-Documents.

And another reminder to regularly backup your folders. I provide you with a link at the end of this page with tips on how I backup computer files.

How do you define computing joy?

To me, joy is having a totally organized computer where I can find all my files.

If you are using your computer for business don’t miss this section.

The secret to finding e Documents is by organizing computer files into logically named folders and I am going to show you how to accomplish this.

A bonus of good computer file management is that as you move towards a paperless environment and if are using a laptop, you always have your documentation with you.

No need to print and carry all those paper files with you. You will also be saving a lot of trees.

Are you ready to start organizing computer files? Let’s go!

I have approached organizing computer files in a logical sequence and have started with a new “clean” computer. I have called the main branch “YOU”. Your computer main branch will have the name that you gave yourself when you initially set up your computer.

The graphic on the right shows you the main tree trunk complete with all branches that you will have created by the end of this section.

Follow this page in the sequence that I have adopted below.

The section which follows assumes that you are familiar with creating windows folders.

If you need help please go to my section on “How to Create and Organize Windows Folders”.

By clicking on the link below you will open a new page on your browser showing you how to create new folders. When you finish simply close the tab and you will be back on this page.

How to Create and Organize Windows Folders.

Some of the sections below will link to other pages on this site where you will be given step by step instructions.

Work through each section and when you are finished click on the link at the end of the page to come back to this page.

To distinguish the folders which we will be creating here from your private folders, start the name of each folder with “Office” followed by its contents description.

This will also ensure that all your office folders will be together.

Next we will be;

Creating Clients Folders

We will start organizing computer files by creating separate folders, one for each of your clients. You will save each client’s information and e-correspondence into these individual folders.

Click on the link below to open the section that will show you how to create clients folders, step by step. When you are finished click on the link at the end of the page to come back here. Continue doing this until you have completed this section on “Organizing Computer Files into Folders (Office e Files)”.

How to Create Clients Folders

Create a Folder for Your Office Correspondence

In this section we will create a folder into which you will store all general office correspondence.

  1. Start by creating the folder “Office CORRESPONDENCE” as a sub-branch of “YOU”.
  2. Next create a sub-branch of “Office CORRESPONDENCE” and call this folder “eMail Temp”.

    You will learn what to save into this folder when you go through my section on “Personalize Your Best eMail Client” in “Basic Computer Training” which you can access via my 
    Site Content page.
  3. Now create a folder called “To and From Colleagues” also as a sub-branch of “Office CORRESPONDENCE”. This is where you will save all e-correspondence shared between you and your staff or colleagues but not any files directly having to do with any project, supplier or projects.

Now let us;

Creating Folders for your Small Business Finances

Next you will be creating a document storage box with folders where you will be saving all your e-documents relating to your small business finances. Open Creating Folders for your Small Business Finances

Creating an eBook Store for My Products

In this section I am going to show you how to store all your product’s brochures, data sheets, manuals and technical information. You have no doubt got your product information available in pdf e book format.

Create an e book store for all your products here. Open Creating an e Book Store for My Products

How to Organize Photos (Office Related)

You may have taken photographs at your new office opening function or at your office’s Halloween party. This is where you would save these photographs. How to Organize Photos (Office Related)

Create Folders to Save your Effective Business Presentations

I love presentations because this is the best way to promote my product and have two way interactions with several clients simultaneously. You know; the people who have the final say on whether they buy your product or not? In this section you will learn how to make folders into which you will save all your presentations. Open Create Folders for Effective Business Presentations

Go to my section on Setting Smart Goals and understand why.

Elsewhere on this site I will be sharing free PowerPoint presentation tips. Here we are simply creating folders.

Folders for Project Management Plans

This is to me the most important section for running a successful business. To have a firm grip on the progress of each of your projects. You will create a folder for each of your projects where you will store all files and e-correspondence relating to each specific project.

These folders will contain all the information for each project so that you can decide on the next step that you need to do to secure that order. Help me sort my Folders for Project Management Plans

Suppliers Directory Folders

Suppliers are individual or companies from whom you buy products or services. Learn how to create and set up folders for each of your suppliers. You will then be organizing computer files for each of your suppliers into these folders. Go to Suppliers Directory Folders

Create Folders for your Office Templates

Templates are standard files or folders which are used as a guide to make other files or folders. For instance, presentation templates, project management templates and marketing plan templates. Instead of creating a new file or folder each time, you will copy the template, save it with a new name and tweak it to fit the specific need.

In this section I show you what folders to create for your templates. Elsewhere on this site, I share tips on how to create templates but here we will simply create the folders. Open Create Folders for your Office Templates

Please don’t forget to do regular backups of all your files. Refer to my section on “How to Backup Computer Files”. Click on the link at the bottom of this page and make sure that you don’t lose your data.

Organizing computer files as you have done here will save you loads of time and frustration.

♥ Tip ♥

If there are any basic computer terms mentioned on this page that you are not familiar with, click over the icon on the right to open up a new page explaining all computer terms used on this site.

Try it!

Computing joy is possible as you will see when you take advantage of the free tips and suggestions on this site.

Computers can really simplify your life!

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