Rest Peace and Health

In this section you will discover how rest peace and harmony benefits your health. You will learn how to use mindfulness exercises, deep breathing exercises and guided meditation relaxation to get you into a state of deep rest which is essential for your well being.

Without rest your health will start to deteriorate. 

Rest rejuvenates the body, mind and your emotional state.

We have so much more time available to us when compared to our ancestors, and yet we rush around more than ever before. We have dishwashers, washing machines, transportation which gets us to our destination faster, computers that help us perform menial tasks. We don’t have to stand in lines at the post office to send written messages to others and just by punching in some numbers into our cellular phones we can communicate instantly with anyone around the globe.

When we don’t feel like leaving our homes, we can order anything to be delivered to our door.

So what are we rushing for? The English term for all living human inhabitants of the earth is “The Human Race”. Is this why we, in the English speaking world, have a tendency to look at life as a race? 

Let’s follow Ringo Starr’s suggestion to “stop and take time to smell the roses”. Slow down and let the body rejuvenate, otherwise you will just carry today’s pressures into tomorrow.

Ah-h-h-h. Discover how rest peace and harmony benefits your health.

So, what are the rest peace benefits to health? Studies have shown that these are some of the gains attained by deep relaxation:

  • It reduces the amount of oxygen that your body requires by as much as 50%,
  • Reduces the workload on your heart by 30%,
  • Helps to lower high blood pressure,
  • Your short term and long term memory is improved, as a result of your brain’s wave patterns becoming more synchronised,
  • Increases your alertness, which in turn improves your reaction time,
  • Better sleep,
  • Fewer headaches, and
  • Greater physical energy.

Wow, all these benefits just for taking the time to stop, reflect and relax!

So how do you get into a state of deep relaxation? 

Here are three activities that work for me.

1. Mindfulness Exercises

Bring yourself to the present moment, to the now. The main reason for us not being able to relax is our constant worry about what is going to happen in our future or our concern with what has happened in the past.

This is a complete waste of time. The only thing that is real in your life, are your experiences in the present moment. The past was only real until a nanosecond ago and is now only an illusion. The future is not real and may or may not happen the way that you are envisaging it to happen.

Read my section on Mindfulness for Beginners and learn how to bring your mind home to the present moment.

2. Deep Breathing Exercises

Another activity that will help you relax is to perform deep breathing exercises.

It is not a coincidence that, when you are agitated, people often tell you to take a deep breath. I describe the benefits of breathing in my section on Breath for Life.

This is what I do whenever I feel distressed or agitated. It gets me into a rest peace and relaxed mode.

  • I switch off my cell phone and disconnect my land line,
  • I put on some music. I call it affirmation music because it is the type of music which I play each morning when I go through my “List of Affirmations”,
  • I sit in a chair with my back straight, the top of my legs parallel to the floor and my arms resting on the armrests.
  • I inhale for 4 seconds,
  • I hold my breath for 16 seconds and
  • I breathe out for 8 seconds.
  • I do this 10 times.

I remain seated in the same way, listening to the music for a further 5 minutes, only allowing positive thoughts to enter my mind. 

3. Guided Meditation Relaxation

There are several types of meditation and whatever works for you is fine. You can join a group or listen to guided meditations.

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I find that Tara Brach’s meditations and talks resonate with me. You can find all of Tara’s meditations on her web site.

I have also relaxed to Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Ajahn Thanasanti and Joseph Goldstein’s meditations. Listen to a few and decide which ones resonate with you.

There is a good reason why, in most societies, we are given one day of rest each week. 

Take a day off each week and do whatever brings you bliss and puts you in a state of rest peace and harmony. It will do wonders for your health.

This page is part of my section on Health Related Fitness. In the next subsection you will understand the importance of holding a good posture.

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