Setting Smart Goals

Start setting smart goals and change your life! What is a goal? One goal setting definition is that a goal is a dream with a definite plan. Follow these steps for goal setting and I guarantee that you will materialize all your dreams.

Discover how to organize your life by setting smart goals and you will transmute all those dreams into reality.

Let me start by sharing two universal truths.

  1. The first is a quote by Albert Einstein.“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.
  2. The second might be a bit hard to swallow right now, but you will realize it to be true as you work through this section.Everything that has ever happened to you, you have attracted into your life! Whether it was something good or something bad.

The first question that you need to ask yourself is this. Are you happy with what you are currently attracting into your life?


Well then you have come to the right place.

Three very important points ensure that you get the highest benefit from this section on setting smart goals:

  1. Follow the instructions in the sequence presented below when setting smart goals. I have put together a flowchart to simplify and assist with the navigation as you work through all the segments. It will indicate clearly the sequence that you should follow. Please click on the graphic at the bottom of this page now to obtain the flow chart. In each of the segments below, you will be asked to open a new page on this site which will explain each topic in more detail. By clicking on the underlined link you will open up a new tab on your web browser. When you are finished close that topic’s window and you will be back on this page.Continue until you have completed all sections.
  2. The goals that you will be setting have to be based on your dreams and not what you may feel other people want you to achieve. This is all about you, only you! You will not be motivated unless you are working towards something that you believe and are passionate about.
  3. There are no restrictions to dreams. Believe that anything is possible and do not limit your aspirations. Remember this: Everything that has been produced by men and women started as a thought. It was then visualized and materialized into its physical equivalent.

Setting Smart Goals, Tony Bastos

I have endeavoured to keep it simple on this site.

I am a very practical individual and like things to be logical and simple. I know that this material works because I live my life according to everything that I have shared with you here.

It is all tried and tested if you like.

Most people in the real world do not have the time to read hundreds of self help books in order to find what may or may not work for them. 

There is so much stuff out there that it tends to get confusing.

This is a simple and logical "step by step" guide for very effective smart goals setting.

For those of you who need more in depth information on the philosophy behind each of my segments, I have given you the name of the books that have inspired me and a link to where you can order them on line.

You will notice that most of my recommendations are for audio books rather then for printed books.

I like to listen to my books while driving in my car.

Let’s start setting smart goals.

This section is also available as an eBook entitled "How to Materialize Your Dreams". Click on the banner for more information on this great self help book.

Before you continue, grab some paper and a pen.

Goal Setting Form

You will start by creating a goal setting form with your first sheet of paper.

I would like you to make a list of all your current dreams and the reasons why you have not as yet materialized these dreams.

I have made up a goal setting form with four examples that I will be referring to throughout this section.

By clicking on goal setting form you will open a new tab in your web browser, when you are finished simply close the tab and you will be back here to continue to the next segment.

List of Affirmations

Now that you have started by listing your dreams, the second step is to start getting you into a positive frame of mind.

A good starting point is for you to look at your life, right now, and make a list of everything that you are grateful for.

Use another piece of paper to make this list which will become your list of affirmations.

Open a new browser window by clicking on list of affirmations to get started.

As before, when you done close the tab to come back here.

Theory of Goal Setting

In order to start manifesting your dreams, you are going to need a plan which will map out in detail your route to your chosen final destination.

Each dream and its associated plan will become a goal.

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams"- Oprah Winfrey

Go to my page on the theory of goal setting. If you need reassurance that setting smart goals is the way to go, you will find it here.

How the Mind Works

Take a look at your goal setting form.

In the second column you listed the reason why you are not living your dream. We shall refer to those reasons as self-justifications for you not having achieved your dreams.

Before you can actually start setting smart goals we need to take a detour to organize your mind and get rid of all those excuses.

When you click on the link, you will be directed to my section to learn how the mind works

Please follow all the segments as indicated and use the flowchart as a guide.

The Universal Laws of Attraction

You now know that you can reprogram your subconscious mind and get rid of all those memes that are preventing you from reaching your chosen final destination.

You have more than likely heard of the law of attraction. You may have heard it in different forms such as: “what goes around... comes around” or “live by the sword, die by the sword” or any other interpretations of this law.

They are all saying the same. Like attracts like.

There are three universal laws that you need to understand.

Go to my page on universal laws of attraction by clicking here.

From a Visitor...

"Dear Tony
Thank you for you presentation on the LOA! ..thank you for every second of passion you put in it! The tools you managed to insert there are a very important incredient in the creation of the life that THE UNIVERSE WANTS FOR US!..
Thank you for all the things you taught me about the LOA..
Thank you for every second of support you offered me in this new field..The Law of Attraction!..your advices..your inspiration and your passion for LIFE..changed my point of view regarding the world and life in general.
You are a true inspiration for the ones that are lucky to come in contact with you...and i hope that you continue your path on the LOA direction and leave significant traces on it!..
Thank you for changing my life Tony..for me it's a true blessing having the chance to be your friend and most of all for having the chance to participate to your had such a positive impact on my existence!..
LET IT BE my friend!
warm regards Ally

Posted on PI by Ally, Roma - Italy

Deliberate Attraction

Deliberate attraction means what it says. You will use the universal laws of attraction and intentionally transmute into reality your chosen goals.

Click on the link to start using deliberate attraction.

Feelings, Thoughts, Love and Emotions

Where do thoughts, feelings and emotions come from?

Feelings are a major catalyst in the transformation of your thoughts into their physical reality.

Therefore you want to have feel good feelings all the time. Is this possible?

Go to Thoughts, Feelings, Love and Emotions to see how.

Dream Guide

The dream guide is a detailed description of your goals but in the form of outcome. In other words, as though the goal has already been reached.

It is one of the tools that you will be using in the process of materializing your dreams.

Star creating your own dream guide in this segment.

Goal Board

A goal board will give you a visual representation of your goals. Also called a “vision board”, “dream board”, “contemplation board” and “manifestation board”.

It can be in the form of a physical pin board where you will paste images that will instantly bring back the feeling of what you have achieved. Remember that you are working from the outcome. You could also create a wallpaper for your computer’s desktop of your goal board.

Go to goal board for ideas on how to put one together.

How to Set Goals

Now you are ready to enter your goal setting steps into your spreadsheet which I call the Action Plan Template.

I will guide you through the steps to setting smart goals after you click on how to set goals.

How to Choose a Career

I have discovered that a lot of you out there are not happy in your current jobs.

I have also found out that most of you have no idea how to go about choosing a career that will bring you both joy and money.

If you are one of those people that I have described above look at my page on how to choose a career.

If you already have the occupation of your dreams, meaning that you are making money by doing something that brings you joy, you may skip this segment.


Setting Life Goals

This is where everything that we have discussed comes together.

In this final segment of setting smart goals, I show you how and when to use the tools that you have created.

Click on setting life goals and start the process of creation.

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Napoleon Hill has had a major influence on the way that I live my life and it is only fitting that we let him have the last word on setting smart goals:

"First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination"

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