Stay Positive

Stay positive about your health and enjoy the benefits of positive thinking. Make developing a positive mental attitude part of your health goal setting.

In “Powers of the Mind”, you learnt that you do not attract into your life what you want; you attract into your life what you are. You are what you choose to believe, feel and think about. In the section on “Health Affirmations”, I taught you manifestation meditation techniques to abundant health. In this subsection I will share with you some tools to help you stay positive and healthy.

Here are a few of the things that you can do to stay positive.

Daily Health Affirmations

It is imperative that you continue developing a positive mental attitude towards your well being. The best way is to start the day by sending out, to the universe, manifestations for a healthy body and mind. Your blueprints for abundant health.

You do this by performing the assertions which I taught you in the subsection on “Health Affirmations”.

You have the tools to materialise your health, believe in them and use them. 

To use Jorge Coelho’s words: “What's the world's greatest lie?... It's this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.”

Stay Positive - make developing a positive mental attitude part of your health goal setting,

Stop Watching, Listening or Reading News

In “What Causes Fear”, I explain how our amygdala is continuously on the lookout for something to fear. This is part of our basic architectural structure and is called our fight-or-flight response. 

In our contemporary world almost all of these perceived dangers are probabilistic dangers reported by the media. Probabilistic dangers are not physical, most of them are not real and the rest will never really affect our lives.

But herein lies the problem. The amygdala is programmed to always look for something to fear and not to shut off until the potential danger has vanished completely.

But probabilistic dangers never vanish and once our amygdala starts hunting for bad news, it is going to find bad news.

When did you last see good news on television, hear good news on the radio or read good news in your newspaper?

In order to stay positive, stop watching, listening to and reading news.

As Stephen Lundin suggests: “Imagine a place where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude every day.”

Choose to live in such a place by choosing what you watch on television, listen to on the radio and read.

Choose to expose yourself to media that makes you feel good, that instigates in you, feelings of joy, love, happiness, optimism, trust and peace. Move away from that place of fear.

Watch feel good movies, good news stories and comedies.

Question Your Thoughts

Remember not to believe everything that you think about. Question all negative thoughts using the technique that I shared with you in “Mind Control Methods”.

Associate with Positive People

Surround yourself with positive and optimistic people. Avoid prophets of doom like the plague!

I have had to distance myself from many people including several members of my own family.

I belong to a family of hypochondriacs where most of the conversations are about their lack of health and how sick they are feeling. So, naturally, they spent their life visiting doctors to justify their beliefs about having some disease or other.

As Emile Coué said "Do not spend your time in thinking of illnesses you might have, for if you have no real ones you will create artificial ones"

One of the close members of my family, changed doctors regularly because they could not find anything wrong with him. Finally he found a doctor that was only too happy to cash in on his medical insurance and agree that he did indeed have the disease that he claimed to have.

He is now under that doctor’s care taking pills for his, once imagined but now real disease.

If you are joining support groups stay away from those who get together to talk about their diseases, join support groups that engage in positive activities and don’t give more energy to the very diseases that they are trying to eradicate.

You will enjoy abundant health by developing a positive mental attitude towards your well-being. Remember that what you believe and think about, is the reality that you will manifest into your life. 

This page is part of my section on Health Related Fitness. In the next subsection I share my favourite positive thinking phrases and quotes to inspire you and help you stay positive.

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