Suppliers Directory Folders

In this section you will be creating your suppliers directory folders. Suppliers are people from whom you buy goods and services. You will be shown how to organize email and will be organizing computer files into folders.

You will create a folder for each supplier and will name each folder with your supplier’s name.

You will also create an e book library for brochures and data sheets of your suppliers’ products and services within your suppliers’ directory folders.

Kalkbaai, Tony Bastos

As we did in previous sections, you will start by creating your main folder as a branch of “YOU”.

This time we will call it “Office SUPPLIERS”.

This folder will form the root for our suppliers directory.

Creating a Supplier Template

Because you have more than one supplier, we will start as we did for some of the other sections by first creating a template.You will later copy, paste and rename the template copy with the names of each of your suppliers.


Start by creating a folder as a sub-branch of “Office SUPPLIERS” and call it “X Supplier Template”.

Next we will create six sub-folders. In other words, sub-branches of “X Supplier Template”.

Next we will create six sub-folders. In other words, sub-branches of “X Supplier Template”.


The first folder we will call “Brochures”. Here you will save all product or service information from this specific supplier.


The next folder we will call “Correspondence”. This is where you will save all correspondence concerning to this particular supplier.

If you have not already done so, please refer to my section on Correctly Naming e-Files in my page entitled How to Create Clients Folders. You will find the link in my Site Content page.


Now create a folder and name it “Notes” as a branch of “X Supplier Template”.

If you have done the section on Folders for Project Management Plans you will have read the way I deal with notes taken during a telephone conversation or at meetings.

If you want a quick refresher open the page Folders for Project Management Plans and look at paragraph 4 which explains how to save a note as a portable document format (PDF) file.

Remember that only notes which have a direct relation to this supplier are to be saved here.


The next folder that we will create is called “Price Lists” also a sub-branch of “X Supplier Template”. As the name suggests this is where you save all price lists for this supplier’s products or services.


“Purchases”, also a sub-branch of “X Supplier Template” is the folder in your suppliers directory where you save all the buying orders that you have sent to this supplier.


And “Quotes” would then logically be where you will save all the quotations which you receive from this specific supplier.

You may have additional or different folders which are more relevant to your type of business. If so go ahead and add them to the template now.

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If there are any basic computer terms mentioned on this page that you are not familiar with, click over the icon on the right to open up a new page explaining all computer terms used on this site.

Try it!

From Template to Individual Suppliers

We will now copy and paste a template copy into “Office SUPPLIERS” and then rename it with the name of each of your suppliers.

I will create three folders and will name them “Supplier A, Supplier B and Supplier C”. You will naturally be naming your folders with your real Supplier’s names.

Go ahead and create the first copy of “X Supplier Template”.

Paste the copy as a sub-branch of “Office SUPPLIERS” and rename it with the name of your first Supplier. Mine is “Supplier A”.

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If you are not sure how to copy and name folders click on the link to open up a new page on your browser explaining how to copy and rename folders. Open 
Computer File Systems – Files and Folders.

In the same way, create two additional supplier folders. Mine are called “Supplier B and Supplier C” respectively.

When you done your folder tree should look similar to the one below.

You have successfully completed your suppliers directory.

Does it not make it a more efficient and streamlined office?

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