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Do you have a swimming pool? Here is a new swimming pool product guaranteed to reduce your swimming pool problems. It is called aquamate and it is an automatic pool water leveler system. I will also share swimming pool ideas for a more organized home and garden.

If you do not have a swimming pool but are thinking of getting one, you will also benefit from these swimming pool ideas and recommendations. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. It could also save you money.

Automatic Pool Water Leveler swimming pool product guaranteed to reduce your swimming pool problems - www.how-to-be-organized.com

A swimming pool is great fun! But it can also be a lot of work if you do not have it well organized.

So which is the most important swimming pool accessory?

Well, in my opinion for complete enjoyment you need to have:

  • An automatic pool cleaner,
  • A swimming pool filter programmed to automatically performs a back wash,
  • A salt water chlorinator;
  • Solar heating to ensure that you can use your pool for most of the year, and
  • An automatic swimming pool water leveler system because if your water level drops in the pool none of the above accessories will function.

So, which one do you thing is the most important?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • How often do you have to top up the water in your pool?
  • Do you drop the hose pipe in the pool, turn it on, wait for the water to reach the desired level and turn the water off? 
  • Have you ever forgotten to turn the water off and have overfilled your pool?
  • Did you know that you waste about 700 liters of water just by turning your hose off 30 minutes too late?
  • Do you have to ask someone to top up the level of your pool when you go away on holiday?
  • Have you ever returned from holiday to find that your filter was totally ineffective because the water level in the pool dropped to such an extent that air got into the filter system? 

Yes, of course there is a reason for all those questions. All those things happen to me and it prompted me to develop a product that would prevent them ever happening again.

Did you notice the little white box mounted onto the side of the pool in the above picture?

That is the new swimming pool product which I was referring to.

It is called aquamate and it is an automatic swimming pool water leveler system for all types of pools. 

It can also be used in fish ponds and water features.

it automatically fills your pool to its optimum level and keeps that water level constant.

Automatic Pool Water Leveler swimming pool product guaranteed to reduce your swimming pool problems - www.how-to-be-organized.com

aquamate is only available through www.how-to-be-organized.com

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Get an aquamate automatic water leveler and say goodbye to swimming pool problems caused by overfilling or loss of water due to evaporation from your pool. This exclusive swimming pool product is only available to visitors to this site. Order yours today.

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