The Power of Now

Conquer the power of now. The “now” or present moment is your only reality. The past is a thought and not real. The future is not real but only an expectation of what may or may not happen. We will also be defining mindfulness in plain English and introducing useful mindfulness exercises.

The Power of Now, Tony Bastos

Simply stated, there are only three stages to your life. The present moment which we call “now”, the past and the future.

The Past

The past is not real, it is only a thought!

And yet, a lot of you seem to spend valuable time worrying about your past.

Can you change it?

You cannot change what happened in the past but you can change what has not worked for you in the past and start doing things differently.

Did you make the wrong decision? Would you willingly make a decision if you knew that it was the wrong one? Of course not. You may know better now but when you made your decision then, it was the correct one with the information which you had available to you then.

It was also in the past that you accumulated those viruses of the mind that you read about in the previous section. Again, only memes and not real.

So please let it go! Stop agonizing yourself with fears from the past, they are not real!

If you made a mistake, forgive yourself!

If others wronged you, forgive them. But move on and stop thinking about it.

The Now

The now or present moment is the only reality in your life.

You are reading this, you may be listening to music, you can feel the shape of the computer mouse in your hand – you get the idea. It is reality and it is happening now!

Your relationship to anything in your life is simply your relationship to the present moment, the now.

When you are in the now, living in mindfulness, you are using your conscious mind and there are no fears or doubts. Anything is possible!

That is the power of now!

It is only when you drift away and go back to autopilot that your subconscious mind takes over and you start doubting yourself as you learnt when you worked through "the power of subconscious mind".

The Future

The future is only an expectation of possibilities and is not real.

In your mind you create assumptions on how your future will be.

The good news is that you can decide what your future will be like, starting right now.

In the next segment you will learn how your thoughts create your reality. You will learn that by adopting a positive attitude you will fill your mind with positive thoughts and you will attract all that you have chosen to materialize into your life. If you develop a negative attitude you will not.

It is your choice. You can choose what you think about! You alone!

In my segment on the universal laws of attraction which you will be reading later, you will understand why everything that has ever happened to you, you have attracted into your life. Whether it was good or bad.

Remember Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Does this not make sense?

Mindfulness in Plain English

So, how do you bring yourself to the present moment? You practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state of conscious awareness of yourself and your surroundings at this present moment. You are living in your conscious mind.

The Zen Sutra of Mindfulness says:

"When walking, the practitioner [of mindfulness] must be conscious that he is walking. When sitting, the practitioner must be conscious that he is sitting. When lying down, the practitioner must be conscious that he is lying down... No matter what position one's body is in, the practitioner must be conscious of that position. Practicing thus, the practitioner lives in direct and constant mindfulness of the body... ".

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Be conscious of how your body is touching the surface that you are sitting on, you are reading this screen, you may be playing music, you hear the click of the mouse as you surf from page to page on this site, your breath is relaxed or not and you smell that cup of coffee or tea next to you – you are fully aware of what is and you are using the power of now!

For more on the practice of mindfulness read my page "Mindfulness for Beginners".

This segment on the power of now that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”.

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Forget about the past, you cannot change it. But you can choose to invite positive or negative stuff into your life, starting right now.

Decide on how you want to shape your future by following the steps in setting smart goals if you are not doing it already.

Be aware of the present moment and start using the power of now!

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