Thought Creates Reality

Discover how a thought creates reality! Brain wave frequencies are energy and you can accomplish your goals via thought manifestation. Learn how to change your thoughts and you will accomplish all your goals.

Let’s start with a very basic physics lesson.

The universe is composed of matter and energy.


Matter are the physical things around us in the form of solids, liquid and gas. All matter has a specific frequency called the resonant frequency.


Energy is defined as the ability to cause change or do work.

The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be changed from one form into another.

Thus a solid can be changed into liquid. You know this when heat up a block of ice and it melts. By adding additional infrared energy you can produce gas such as when you boil water to make your tea.

By reversing the process, removing heat and adding cold, you can change gas (steam) into liquid (water) and liquid into solid (ice).

Frequencies and electro-magnetic waves are energy.


A frequency is defined as the number of vibrations, oscillations or cycles per unit of time. Expressed as cycles per second or hertz. The number of waves that pass through a fixed point in a second.

A wave has energy and as the frequency of the wave increases so does its energy.

Your brain waves or thoughts are frequencies with energy that can be measured.

We have already learnt how energy can be changed from one form into another, therefore thoughts can be changed into their physical equivalent.

Electro-Magnetic Waves

Electric and magnetic waves are all around us. Radio transmissions, television broadcasts, microwaves, cellular phone transmissions and those emitted from your body.

All around us there is an energy field enabling a path through which all these electro-magnetic waves travel.

These electro-magnetic waves have different frequencies and in order to capture and hear these signals you have to tune into its frequency.

Just like you need to tune your radio to a specific to listen to a specific radio station. The radio station is always transmitting and the waves are always around us but unless you tune into its frequency, you will not hear it.

Scientists have shown us that the human heart is the biggest generator of electro-magnetic waves in the human body. The heart is also the place where feelings are formed.

Thought Creates Reality, Tony Bastos

When you combine thoughts and emotions with feelings from the heart you are creating belief. When you believe, you are sending out a very strong intention of what you have chosen to manifest into your life.

Belief ignites passion. Another word for passion is enthusiasm, derived from the Greek enthousiasmós, a variant of éntheos which means “having the creative source within".

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By feeling and thinking from the outcome, as if your goal has already come to pass, you are setting into motion the law of deliberate creation and when you do this with belief and enthusiasm you tune into the same frequency as universal source energy.

You are changing the combined energy of belief (the thought, feeling and emotions) using universal source energy (the enthusiasm) to create the physical equivalent (the actual goal).

Albert Einstein summarized it as follows: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

In the section on deliberate attraction, I use an example from my goal setting form to illustrate how to transmute your thoughts into their equivalent physical realities.

Listen to Gregg Braden’s audio book entitled “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”. In this book Gregg shares his experiences with reality being created by believing and intending from the outcome.

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Thought creates reality when combined with belief and enthusiasm.

It works each time without fail!

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