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Create a group of folders, which we will call travel organizer, and save all your trip related e documents into each of these folders. You will be organizing computer files such as money saving travel tips, business travel tips, itineraries, road trip planning guides and all travel related information into folders, one for each of your journeys.

Are you ready to start? Let’s go.


Create a folder as a branch of “YOU” and call it “Private TRAVEL”.

For my examples, I am going to create two folders. The first one is where I will save all my e Documentation relating to my trip to India in May 2010. The second concerns my trip to Europe in June 2011.

Look at the graphic below.

Travel Organizer - Tony Bastos

Name your folders with the month, year and destination name of a trip already undertaken or for a trip that you are planning.


Go ahead and create your first folder in your travel organizer, as a sub-branch of “Private TRAVEL” and call it for example “2010-05 India”.

This is where you store all the e-documentation relevant to your May 2005 trip to India under the following folders:


Create the folder “Accommodation” as a sub-branch of “2010-05 India”. Any e Correspondence, quotations, booking confirmations and information concerning your accommodation for this trip will be filed here.


“e Tickets” is the next folder that you will create, again as a sub-branch of “2010-05 India”. Store your airline tickets, car hire confirmation, train tickets, theatre tickets and so on in this folder.

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“Information” is the next folder that you will create as a sub-branch of “2010-05 India”.

It is in this section of your travel organizer where you store any information concerning your destination (in this example India). Such as weather report predictions for the period of your visit, city guides, activities, foreign travel insurance, country information regarding visa requirements and so on.


Next create a folder called “Itinerary” as a sub-branch of “2010-05 India”.

You got it!

In this section you will save your itinerary. I share tips on creating a trip planning guide in my section on Travel.


Your next folder is for your June 2011 trip to France, Spain and Portugal. Go ahead and create the folder “2011-06 Europe” as a sub-branch of “Private TRAVEL”. Then as you did above from 2a to 2d go ahead and create folders for “Accommodation”, “e Tickets”, “Information”, and “Itinerary” all as sub-branches of “2011-06 Europe”.


Next create a folder called “Check Lists” as a branch of “Private TRAVEL”.

I have made several templates of packing lists for various activities. This way I never forget any essentials whether I am travelling overseas, to a game reserve, camping or whatever activity I am planning.

I share tips on how to create these packing check lists as well as travel tips for packing luggage in my Travel section.


“Travel Guides” is the next folder that you will create as a sub-branch of “Private TRAVEL”.

Before I travel anywhere for the first time, I download and read the travel guide for my destination. Why re-invent the wheel when someone has already been there?

This is the folder of your travel organizer where all your travel guides and country information articles will be saved.

I love travelling!

By planning your trip you will maximize your available time at your destination and get the maximum enjoyment from your trip.

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Save the photographs from your trips in the folders that you created earlier in How to Organize Photos.

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