The Universal Laws of Attraction

Do you understand the universal laws of attraction? Thought creates reality when you understand and use cosmic laws of attraction or the secret law of attraction. Here then is the law of attraction explained in plain English.

There is nothing secretive about the universal laws of attraction and every one of us is using the law of attraction day in and day out. They are called laws because they are eternal and apply to how our universe works. There is nothing mysterious about them contrary to how some individuals have portrayed them.

So let us demystify these three cosmic laws.

Universal Laws of Attraction, Tony Bastos

The Law of Attraction

Simply stated it means “like attracts like”.

You have heard it said in different ways such as: “one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”, “what goes around... comes around” and “live by the sword, die by the sword”.

You have experienced this in your life. When you approach someone with anger, their response will be angry.

When you fail to be greeted at your check out counter at the supermarket, you immediately react by labelling the person rude. You might even make a comment! But if you were to smile and greet the checkout clerk, you would more than likely get a greeting and a smile back and the whole interaction would be more pleasant.

It is all about vibes and electro-magnetic wave energies that you are emitting to the other person via this field that links us all. You understand this from my section on how the mind works which you have just completed.

You do not attract into your life what you want. You attract into your life what you are! You are what you choose to believe, feel and think about.

Those are the frequencies that you are releasing into the universe. By the law of attraction the universe is responding with more of the same.

When you believe that “life is hard”, the universe will align more experiences to show you how life is indeed hard for you.

The universe is neutral and unbiased. It simply reflects and gives back what you claim to be true in your life.

Something that I would like you to start doing immediately is to stop using the word “want”.


“Want” is an open ended possibility and there is no closure or outcome. The universe will respond by giving you more “want” but you will never receive.

The second word that you will stop using is “hope”. For exactly the same reasons. There is no completion to the word “hope”.

Instead start using the word “choose” and be specific with what it is that you are choosing to manifest.

Now that you understand the Law of Attraction, let's look at the second law.

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The Law of Deliberate Creation

You are always in a process of creating.

And now you know that what you create is your choice. You choose what you think about, you choose what you believe and you choose how you feel.

Think, believe and feel positively and your body releases life affirming chemistry. This is, by the way, what is referred to as the placebo effect. Naturally the opposite is also true.

So, going back to “life is hard”. 

Perhaps you may have had a hard life, I am not brushing that aside. But that was in the past. The past is only true up to a nanosecond ago as you learnt in the segment on “The Power of Now”. 

Your life can change in this moment if you choose it.

What about believing and thinking that “life has been hard for me in the past”? 

This now opens the door to new possibilities beginning right now.

You need to shift your thoughts and feelings to those “feel good emotions” such as love, joy and happiness that I will explain later. Because when you are sending out feel good emotions the universe will reciprocate with the same.

Simply put, the Law of Deliberate Creation states: “what you believe, think about and feel, will manifest – good or bad”.

The law of Deliberate Creation is also referred to as Deliberate Attraction.

The Law of Deliberate Attraction is fundamental to manifesting your goals and because of its importance I have dedicated a whole section to "Deliberate Creation".

The third of the Universal laws of Attraction is The Law of Allowing.

The Law of Allowing

This is the hardest of the universal laws of attraction to come to terms with.

And it is simply stated as: “I have created my world and I am pleased with it because it constitutes my life choices. You are that which you are and it may be different than me but it is also good”.

Remember that this is all about you and your choices.

Understand that others will also have their own choices which will be different from yours. You have the right to live your life as you have chosen to, so do others have the right to live their lives as they have chosen.

Just like the universe, our body is composed of very different cells. But we need them all!

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This is not about tolerating others but about allowing. Tolerating is a negative emotion. Putting up with something or somebody which you find unpleasant.

The great thing is this.

When you start applying the law of deliberate creation and have created your own heaven on earth, you find that you will start practicing the law of allowing automatically. This is not something that you need to work at – it will just happen!

The segment that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”.

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I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

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Now you understand the universal laws of attraction!

The next segment on deliberate attraction will teach you how to state each of your goals from the outcome. These statements will make up your dream guide. 

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