Weight Loss Affirmations

Weight loss affirmations help you to program your mind. Affirmations for weight loss when repeated just prior to falling asleep blended with affirmations for health will release the power of subconscious mind and the universe will reply with like and materialize your dream to lose weight.

The fourth example from the goal setting form is:

My Dream: I would like to lose weight

Why not?: I have tried all diets but nothing works

You need to start believing that you are a slim person, that you are healthy and that you have self-control.

Your overweight is more than likely the result of some belief that is programmed in your subconscious mind. If you had parents like me, you were continuously told to finish the food on your plate. I was told to “finish all my food. There are many children starving out there and you are wasting food”.

It could be caused by statements like: “you are fat, you will never attract a decent partner. Who wants to be with a fat ...”.

Like all memes, these statements were recorded into your subconscious mind and you started believing them. You believe that you are a fat person and the universe continuously reinforces this belief. 

The following assertions were taken from Peter Haddon’s book “How to change your life without effort to achieve everything you desire”.

Please refer to my section on "how to program your mind" and follow the instructions to record these affirmations. It is essential that they are recorded and listened to in the correct manner.

Weight Loss Affirmations, How to be Organized.com

These are the sentences that you will be recording:

You visualise yourself as a slim person.

You enjoy regular exercise to maintain your slim figure.

You eat sensibly and refrain from eating fatty foods.

You drink at least three glasses of water every day.

You eat a lot of vegetables, salads and fruit.

You take every opportunity to exercise.

You are not able to eat between meals.

Two or three small meals a day are enough for you.

You are slim.

The sector that you have just completed is part of a process that starts with the section “Setting Smart Goals”. 

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I have put together a flowchart which will guide you through the goal setting steps that are covered in various pages of this site.

To obtain this free flowchart click here.

Record and listen to these weight loss affirmations as per my directions in "how to program your mind" then close this tab. Continue with "happiness affirmations". 

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