Why is Nutrition Important?

In this section we answer the question, why is nutrition important? I would not blame you if you are confused by the contradictions in health related articles. What was good for you yesterday is being negated in current health articles and labelled “bad for your health”. Quite apart from all those differing opinions, nourishment is what produces your self healing energy and is essential for good health.

As I have explained in my Breath for Life page, the nutrients extracted from the foods that you eat are used by your body to produce living tissue.

The great controversy starts with the opinions on what foods you should eat.

Foods which are deemed to be essential for good health in current health articles were viewed as “bad for you” not too long ago. There are as many diets as there are health related articles and nutritional experts. Some stating the exact opposite, but all claiming to have the solution for everlasting health.

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There is even controversy when it comes to nutrition pyramids.

So who knows? The reality is that no one actually knows.

Your body was designed to live on this earth and has been equipped with all the necessary tools to digest and extract nutrients from all the foods available on this planet.

So, why is nutrition important and what foods and drinks should you be consuming? 

We are told that we should be consuming organically grown products and free range grown meats.

The reality is that very few of us are in a position or have the time, to grow our own organic vegetables and farm our own free range animals. In addition, many of us live in areas where we do not have access to these foods. We have to adapt our food consumption to what is available to us.

We are all different, with different metabolisms, different blood types, different cultural backgrounds and we handle stress differently and some of us exercise more than others. 

There is no hard and fast rule that applies to all of us!

But to come back and answer the question - why is nutrition important?

This is what works for me.

Listen to your body

If you have overindulged your body will tell you. You will feel sick, develop a headache or you will experience some sort of discomfort. Rather than taking a pill and ignoring the symptom, work out what has caused your discomfort and adjust your intake accordingly or do away with it altogether.

I feel uncomfortable when I do not have meat as part of my diet. I love the taste of meat, poultry and fish and have it regularly.

My wife feels uncomfortable when she eats red meat so she avoids it.

Adjust your diet to what feels good to you.

Less is best

Your stomach is roughly the size of your fist. It is not a good idea to overeat to the point that you are stretching your stomach.

I have found that by using smaller plates, I automatically reduce the size of my portions.

I also found that when I began exercising daily, I automatically ate smaller portions.

Moderation is the key

If you enjoy red meat, eat it. However instead of eating a 300g sirloin steak cut it in half. Eat a 150g steak and fill the rest of your plate with vegetables or salads. The same goes for all other meats, poultry or fish. If you are able to, buy only free range chickens and eggs.

If you drink alcohol, same rule applies – moderation! If you are unable to keep it moderate, keep away from it altogether.

Ensure good digestion

While you are eating, make sure that you chew each mouthful thoroughly and don’t eat in a hurry. When you savour your food your mouth produces more saliva which is necessary for good digestion.


Eating should be relaxed and the food should be enjoyed. It must be a pleasant experience. Enjoy your food, it is one of the great pleasures for me. Avoid eating when you are angry, stressed, fatigued or in a rush.

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When to eat

The universe works to very precise times from the rising of the sun to the flowering of a rose. Your body is no exception! You have a finely tuned and precise built-in clock. The rate at which your body converts food into energy, known as the body’s metabolic rate, is much slower in the evening than in the morning. This means that calories are burned much less efficiently in the evening. So, arrange to have a good breakfast, your main meal at lunch time and a light snack two hours before you go to sleep.

Health Nutrition Tip

First thing after getting out of bed, I have a glass of water with half a teaspoon of Solé. It is a natural way to supplement my body with essential minerals, enhance my metabolism and to stimulate my digestive tract.

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This page, Why is Nutrition Important, is part of my section on Health Related Fitness. In the next subsection, you will understand why laughter is another essential component of your health related fitness.

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